Service post–domain chaos finally has an end (msicc.net is back)




Some of you might have noticed that a lot of chaos was going on with my domain msicc.net in the last few months.

The reason were some serious issues with my old hoster – that would be a evil long post to describe.

As backup, I used msicc.cloudapp.net, a virtual machine on Azure that I set up to play around and learn more about webservers on Linux. Sadly, I just don’t have enough time to dive deeper into that.

Now that msicc.net is finally working again, this will be the primary address to go to.

I will shut down the server on Azure soon. If you come across links for my blog with msicc.cloudapp.net, just remove the ‘cloudapp.’ part of the link, and you will end on the corresponding blog post on msicc.net.

Also my apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8 are working again (some small updates will come with an update).

Sorry for any inconveniences caused by this.

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