Me and my family 2023

Hi, I am Marco Siccardi.

(aka MSicc)

First and foremost, I am father of two young humans that are starting to navigate their life on their own and husband to a fantastic, patient and wonderful wife and loving mom.

I am also a .NET developer (currently working on approaching the full stack) and tech enthusiast. I live in a combined ecosystem of Apple, Microsoft and Nintendo products where I try to squeeze the most out of their products for me and my family.

Other spaces to find me

I escaped the bird cave some time ago to follow a mammoth on its path,
you can (and you should) follow my traces there:

I am also entangled to an octopus that manages a lot of stuff for me with its tentacles:

Hopefully, not only recruiters will find this profile appealing:

Learn more about my published apps:

Running is your thing? Awesome, let’s get faster together:

Insta-what!?! I heard the cool kids post their photos
now in the Fediverse, not in the Meta-verse:

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