Finished course: From Zero to Hero: Unit testing for C# Developers (Dometrain)


I took this course because I never did unit tests before. As unit testing became part of my daytime job, I needed a head start to unit testing.

On researching resources about the topic of unit testing, I stumbled up on this course and decided to give it a try. As the title says, the course is really made to start from zero and be able to write useful unit tests at the end of the course.

The course starts with explaining why unit tests are needed, goes then over some fundamentals like the triple-‘A’ pattern and structuring the solution and finally starts to show some real world scenarios. Your learning will be accomplished by some advanced topics.

Even if the course is centered on ASP.NET core unit tests, it helped me already in two projects (as of the time of writing this – one is a private side project, while the other one is a work project) to implement unit tests in .NET MAUI. There is still a learning curve in this area, but this course certainly gave me the head start I needed.

You can check out the course over at

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