Windows Phone Mango Dev-Beta Hands-On

Hi everybody, PlayerLockScreen

I just made a video and some shots of playing around with the Developer-Build of Windows Phone Mango. You´ll find the video on the end of my post.

Let´s start with the lock screen, while playing music. As you can see the resized play controls are on it as well as the artists picture which is shown in the music hub.


Now let´s get funny within the Games Hub. As you can see on the picture and in the video, while playing music your avatar is dancing around.

As I have done this yesterday for the first time, my avatar got a windows phone in his handy and played around. After that, my avatar started dancing.

I tried to recreate the windows phone prop to rest the phone in its hand, but I had no success with it. I will update this post whenever I found the solution.

marketplace searchOk, let´s head over to the marketplace. On the initial page we have now a dedicated search button. In this build you can search only using this button, the windows phone search key does not work within the marketplace.

The results will be displayed with to pages, apps & games as well as music:


The view in the app page has also changed. There are now 4 pages, details, reviews, screenshots and related. I will dive deeper into this in another blog post.


In the messaging hub you can choose whether you want to type in your message or if you tell the phone the text and it will be converted into your message.


Finally, here is the whole video.

I will post more about the mango features over the next days, including screenshots and videos, so stay tuned for my mango review series…



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[Update] My Blog at Facebook

Hi everybody,

My blog has now a page on Facebook.

You can like my page here:

Because of the page rules on Facebook, I need a minimum of 25 likes to be able to create a username for my page.

So please help me and give me a like as certain services to connect with Facebook are only available with a username.


I still need a couple of likes so please go to my Facebook page and click the button! I will remove this post from sticky as soon as I got my username.

Thanx for your help in advance and greets to you all.

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World IPv6 Day

On 6/8/2011, several companies and websites are testing the new IPv6-adress-standard.

The old standard IPv4 has to be replaced, as there are no more free slots.

Sites like Google, Facebook and Yahoo! are joining this test.

Also Microsoft participates with Bing and

Learn more about this day on the site of the ISOC (Internet Society).

There is also a little Test-Site to check if you will be running into problems with your current configuration.

Here you will find the wikipages of IPv4 and IPv6:



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What´s next for Windows Phone 7?

On todays keynote at MIX ´11 there have been noticed some great news about Mango. For the first, letzt talk this shown imagine:


There will also be nearly 1500 new APIs available to use by developers. The greatest are shown here:

If you want to read more, continue to MobileTechWorld



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Keynote @MIX11

For all those of you which are impatentielly wating for the keynotes like me, here you will find the live-stream:

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