(Update) MSicc’s Blog now for Windows Phone and for Windows 8 available!


Some of you know that the dedicated Windows Phone app for msicc.net is ready for nearly a month now. Sadly Microsoft does not allow fan sites to use any kind of their logo(s). So the app got rejected a few times just because of the logo.

Luckily Dominik, the guy behind my logo, patiently created new logos until the actual one. This time all went smooth, and the app finally got approved.

Now to the most important thing: What do you get with MSicc’s Blog for Windows Phone?

  • fast and slick blog Reader for MSicc.net
  • unique Metro styled app
  • read the most recent posts and browse categories or search msicc.net
  • read and post comments
  • share our posts with you friends
  • image gallery for posts

What will come with an update:

  • themes (input is welcome)
  • save images from gallery to your phone
  • live tile and toast notification

Here are some screenshots for you:


You can download the app by clicking or scanning the QR code below:


(Update) MSicc’s Blog for Windows 8 v1 now available!

Today I got notified by Microsoft that MSicc’s Blog for Windows 8 is certified! It provides similar functionality like the Windows Phone app, and will also be under constant development.

You can download the Windows 8 app here: http://w8dev.so/msiccsblog.






Have fun, MSicc.

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The app turned out beautiful! Its so rich in texture and I love the cobalt accent for a theme. Easy to navigate and just feels metro. Was proud to show my family I’ll be on this app, they all think it looks great too! My son is downloading it in the morning! Great job and congrats!

[posted via MSicc`s Blog for Windows Phone]

Simon Tony Haslwanter

Very good App thanks 🙂 found it now via QR Code 🙂

[posted via MSicc`s Blog for Windows Phone]

Nice work,…. And I really like how you made your Tile! Looks great on my start screen…

[posted via MSicc`s Blog for Windows Phone]

Yup, I can say, great job here, on the phone app!

[posted via MSicc`s Blog for Windows Phone]


Very thought through and greatly utilized. Awesome

[posted via MSicc`s Blog for Windows Phone]

Thank you everybody for the kind words. Glad you like the work I have done.

[posted via MSicc`s Blog for Windows Phone]

Srikanth Nair

Congratulations Marco! Great job with the app & I really like the new logo as well. Well done & keep it up 🙂

[posted via MSicc`s Blog for Windows Phone]

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