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social networking ninja

This post is all about managing your social networks with your Windows Phone.

Windows Phone itself has a good integration of  Twitter, Facebbok and LinkedIn, but there is not the full functionality. That´s why we need apps.

As I am very active in several networks, I am showing you my “ninja stars” for social networking. For downloading the apps, just click on their logos.

MeTweets (1.49$/1.49 €)


I tested a lot of Twitter apps in the last two years. Every Twitter app I used longer than one day had its on charme and features. MeTweets is the best one I used so far. It uses real push notification for mentions and DMs, has a clean interface and a really cool unique feature: scheduled tweets! The developer of the app is constantly improving the app, and it is really worth ever cent!

Hashtastic (1.29 $/1.29€)


You know FollowFriday on Twitter? Whit this small app it is easier than ever to choose the tweeps you can recommend to follow. The app shows a list of all tweeps that interacted with you to make it easy to choose those tweeps that are worth following. The app has a free trial that shows ads, if you want to remove it, it will cost you 1.29 $/1.29€.

Follorep (free)


Want to know who is following you and who has unfollowed you? No problem, Follorep is here for the rescue! Track your account status, and easily follow/unfollow tweeps with a few taps on your Windows Phone screen. The app ist currently available for free.

Klout Kikimeter (free)

klout kikimeter

If you are using to measure your social influence, the best Windows Phone app is Klout Kikimeter. The app comes with a live tile that shows your current Klout score. You can compare your score to other users and share information about you Klout score. The app is not perfect, but the Metro styled live tile and that it’s free makes it worth to install.

Cumulotweetus (0.99 $/ 0.99 €)


With Cumulotweetus you can create so called “Tweet clouds” from your timeline, mentions, or any other user´s timeline. You are able to adjust the words, mentions or hashtags before you post it to your timeline. Nice and unique little app that I won´t miss anymore. Costs you only a buck, check it out!

Facebook (free)


As on all other OS platforms, the “official” Facebook app is kind of disappointing. You can do a lot of things there, like reading your news feed, check in to places, view upcoming events or accept and send friend requests. The two reasons why I use the app are because the Facebook integration enables not all the features the app has and with Windows Phone 8, you can get a personalized Locksreen, which looks pretty nice (especially with the photos from my WinPhan friends).

Page Manager (1.99 $/1.99 €)


What the official app is missing, is managing and posting as fan page. But Srikanth, a fellow WinPhanDev from Australia, has closed this gab with his absolutely awesome app Page Manager. Check out our full review here.

4th & Mayor (free)


If you are using Foursquare, there really is only one choice for an app on Windows Phone: 4th & Mayor. The app is running fast and provides all the features that you can use on your Foursquare account. You can pin friends and places as well as a qick-check in tile to your start screen. The app supports several live tiles as well as push notfications.

Pinboarder (0.99 $/ 0.99€)



If you are using Pinterest, then you should check Pinboarder. Mark recommended this app to me, and I like it really much. I tried also some other apps, which simply did not work because Pinterest does not support Windows Phone officially. But this one does, lets you add new Pins, search for other users and browse Pinterest. Really great app.

LinkedIn (free)


Like Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn integration is limited on Windows Phone. In fact I nearly didn’t realize that it is there yet. Luckily there is the very well done official app, that lets you search for other people, see your subscriptions and check you connections. (currently in beta)

geeklist is a social network for geeks. On you can share your geek achievements in form of cards, share links, and post so called micros. Every one of them can be hi-fived, which means you like the item. The Windows Phone app is written by Ilija, who has done an awesome job and is constantly working towards the official release of the app. If you are on and want to access the beat, please read this.

If you have any suggestions for other social network apps, feel free to add a comment. I will check them for sure!


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  1. Awesome piece! It really is hard to keep all the networks organized and in check. With these great apps you’ve pointed out, it really helps to be able to stay on top of what’s happening and in a very quick, simple, and enjoyable way! More reasons to love our Windows Phones!
    [posted via MSicc’s Blog for Windows 8]

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(Update) MSicc’s Blog now for Windows Phone and for Windows 8 available!

(Update) MSicc’s Blog now for Windows Phone and for Windows 8 available!

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Dev Story Series (Part 2 of many): Getting recent posts from WordPress into your Windows Phone and Windows 8 app

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