Official! over 70.000 apps on WindowsPhone Marketplace


Yesterday Microsoft officially launched Windows Phone in China.

Besides this launch, Simon Leung, Micorosft´s China chief told also some interesting numbers to the

The numbers:

  • the Marketplace is growing huge: 50.000 apps in December, passing 60.000 in January, now officially 70.000 apps!
  • this means an average growth of 300 apps every day
  • the Marketplace will extend to 28 additional market, so in summary it will be available on 63 markets in 2012
  • more than 100.000 registered developers

But also with this great news, the quality of the apps has to be a big point to watch out. So let´s hope that Microsoft does have an eye on the quality also. No one need hundreds of different fart apps or torch apps.

All in all great news for our growing Windows Phone OS!

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