A Consumer Sight on Ballmers Keynote at WPC 2011

imageSo now Steve Ballmers WPC keynote has finished.

The Keynote started of with a video about an app for WP7, based on Windows Azure technology.

The demoed how to help the victims of natural catastrophes like the one happened this year with the fatal earthquake and the even more fatal tsunami wave.

Then there was a hymn of words to all the great Microsoft partners.

Sure, it was is a partner conference, but what do we consumers learn from this?

Steve Ballmer entered the stage and was talking about one thing, which has risen in the last few years and will be the number one thing over the next years: The cloud. I don´t want to juggle numbers right now. But the cloud is already used by roundabout 60 % of all partners, so there is still a great potential to use.

Microsoft provides several cloud services itself, like the Office 365 Beta or Windows Azure.

And S. Ballmer motivated Microsoft´s partners to engage those cloud products even more.

As consumers we will get more great services over time. As an “learning” developer for my own it won´t take that much advantage from those services, until I ensure I will earn the money back from my apps – and that is not so easy…

There has been several announcements today, which will be consumer related:

– Windows Phone Mango Update will come this fall – confirmed again by S. Ballmer himself

– Microsoft has soon (with next Windows-Version) the ability to perform very well on small, mid-sized and big-screens

– Bing will not be only a search engine any more. As features an time are growing, it will be a platform which will be opened to developers to let you integrate the services of Bing. There will be Voice Command on PC, on Windows Phone and also on Xbox360.

– Bing will get more social with Facebook and Skype. We will be able to decide and take action, a whole new experience on a “search engine”.

– Bing will integrate new services like event-ticket ordering, parking prices and more

– Live TV on Xbox 360 this Christmas. It is not clear which countries will be supported until now.

– now news on Windows 8, only the already well known video demonstration …

The final message of MS CEO Ballmer clarifies, where the journey will end: One UX over all your devices. This shows also this final imagine from the keynote:


So as I love the tiles on my Windows Phone, I can´t wait to get them to my Xbox and my PC.

That´s all for now folks,


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Windows Phone Mango Dev-Beta Hands-On

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Buy In-App Content via Xbox Live on WP7

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