Buy In-App Content via Xbox Live on WP7


Hi everybody,

as I bought the new Xbox Live title “Beards and Beaks” yesterday on my Windows Phone, I found something interesting.

It is the first App/Game which provides additional content via In-App-Download.

The Game provides you a message, that new content is available:


After finished with checking which content is available, you get a message:


With a Click of “Let Me at ‘Em! you will be redirected to the following page: (yes, my Xbox live Account is German Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund)


Interesting thing is, that the content is payable with you Microsoft Points.

So it looks like we probably get free Xbox Live Games in Future. Game contents will be paid with our MS Points. Nice Idea.

Many customers want to buy apps, music etc. also on their Windows Phone with the Points. So let´s see if Microsoft will open up the system to the whole marketplace or to all app developers. This would be another step to compete with the iOS-in-App-purchase-system.

What do you all think about this? Leave a comment, guys!



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