Spotify is finally heading to Germany


By the day of tomorrow (03/12/2012) user will be able to use the worldwide known streaming service Spotify here in Germamy.

“We think Germany is a perfect place for Spotify” says founder Daniel Ek to dpa (German news agency). “ There were several hurdles to iron out for a entry on the German market, but now we are in a good position” he said further.

16.000.000 songs

Spotify has the huge amount of 16 million songs to choose from. The music is streamed over the internet and will not be stored locally.

Also BITKOM has welcomed the launch of Spotify in Germany. They are sure that Spotify will set huge changes in the way we consume music.

As I reported last year, the GEMA and BITKOM had finalized  an agreement, which makes it easier to launch services like Spotify.


You can use Spotify with ads for free on your desktop. If you want to switch ads of, you will have to pay 4,99 Euro monthly fee. If you also want to use it on your mobile phone, you have to pay 9,99 Euro monthly, but you will also get an higher bitrate (360 KBits instead of 160). The pricing is moderate.


Surely you want to use on your Windows Phone or your PC. Spotify has official apps as well as third party apps.

So it is good to see another music service, but I am a bit sad  about it. Zune Pass from Microsoft is still not available in Germany, and at the moment it seems that there is no plan to release from part of Microsoft.

Testing of app and service is currently running.

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