(Update 3) Fixed: Windows Phone Store is charging again for already paid apps


Yesterday I had a very strange problem on my Windows Phone. I uninstalled an app, and wanted to reinstall it as I had problems after the last update with it. The Windows Phone Store did not recognize that I already paid that app.

So I contacted the Windows Phone support team via twitter. As they did not have a solution for me, the referred me to the chat team (click here to get there).

While the chat itself could not resolve my issue, they offered a way to escalate the issue. They ask me to create a list with all apps that are missing from the purchase history on windowsphone.com.

That is the bad part of it. I downloaded more than 1000 apps for testing etc., and my list will be very long because of this.

I told them that I will blog about it, they appreciated it and are begging for the following steps:

– check the purchase history on https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/my/purchase-history

– create a list of all missing apps (sigh!), include also the price of the apps and please include also apps that you have installed but that are missing from your purchase history!

– contact the chat team and tell them about your problem (it’s 24 hours)

They told me it is a known issue, and that this is the only way to get around it. I am sure if enough of us are sending the list, Microsoft will investigate what is going on over there.

A huge help will be your buying confirmation mails, which is sent to you after every purchase.

I will update this post as soon as I get new information, but for now we all can only create our list and send it to them. I am really sorry for this bad news.

Update: of course I do not want to force you to that steps above. I wanted to describe what is going on there. Stay tuned, as I got confirmation that this is escalated also from another part within Microsoft. So hopefully there will be a solution soon.

Update 2: Microsoft is aware of the issue with our purchased app history.  I had a short discussion with the twitter support team yesterday about how serious Microsoft is about the above written steps.  There is a topic at Microsoft answers forum now, where you can subscribe and click that you are also having this problem. The more people click on the “I had this too” button, the more attention it will get.

Update 3: It seems Microsoft just fixed the issue. Mark tipped me that it should work again and I can confirm. According to wpcentral, the problem was that upcoming updates exploited a bug in the billing system. Microsoft decided it would be better to temporarily switch the history that causes the bug off than let our devices crash. The sad thing about it is the bad communication to us users in this case. Anyway, problem is fixed now.



This is really strange. I hope you can resolve the issue fast.

[posted via MSicc`s Blog for Windows Phone]

It is not that I have to resolve it… Microsoft needs to clean up this..

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