Why Microsoft should not sell Bing to anyone

In the last few days several sites are telling us Microsoft eventually will be selling Bing to Facebook. One week ago there was an article on Neowin; today Business Insider published another one.

Microsoft already works close together with Facebook. So why should they sell Bing to Facebook for a higher stock amount?

Microsoft loses the huge amount of 2.5 billion USD. This is something investors are not amused about. And they would probably love to see Bing sold to Facebook.

In my eyes this would be a big fail.

Microsoft had a hard start with its own search engine. Bing has to stand up against Google, which is still the most used search engine. But slowly Microsoft´s Bing is getting attention. Bing has most of Google features like Search, Maps and Translator. What Bing is missing in my eyes is a Google reader equivalent.

Bing offers a background image which changes on a daily base. Users can easily download it or set it as background directly. Recently, Microsoft improved their image and video search results with endless Scrolling and other features. I love this features. Bing is also rolling out Street-Side as well as Maps changes (recently added venue maps to more regions).

But Bing is more.

Bing is an integral part of Microsoft´s ecosystem. Bing is part of the Xbox Dashboard, where it is used to search the whole Xbox content. Bing is also part of Windows Phone, and it is used a lot. You can use the Bing Bar to integrate Bing into your browser. I am sure we will see more integration with Bing in a future or the final Build of Windows 8.

Bing is not only part of Microsoft´s ecosystem. It is part of the company´s strategy. Microsoft is working to get Bing your decision engine. Bing will help you to decide all kind of things in future as it is becoming more intelligent.

I use Bing daily. From time to time I run a comparison search on Google. And for my needs Bing gives me the better results in over 90% of all cases. Someone may argue this to the fact that I am a Microsoft fanboy.

But it is not. I tell you why: today I ran a search on both Bing and Google. Bing gave me some really good matches on the first 5 search results. Google did another thing. It listed first Amazon and eBay results to me, which were in this situation totally useless. The results I found immediately with Bing were on page 4 and 5 of Google´s search results! This is the experience I often have when I compare the two. And yes, every time I run this comparison I use the same search terms on both engines.

Microsoft should not sell Bing.

Instead it should keep going on with promotion. Bing rewards for example. Sadly it is an US-only thing. Microsoft should roll out this globally. They have Windows Phone users, Xbox Users, and also PC users who can benefit from the rewards program. And it would help to broaden the user base that uses Bing on a daily base.

Bing for sure has room for improvements. But it delivers good results. It delivers a good user experience. And it will grow. One day Bing will write black numbers. And I am feeling like this day is not too far away.

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