(Updated) What´s wrong with the Me tile on Windows Phone?

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Over the last few weeks the Me tile on our Windows Phones is showing a strange behavior.

As usual, we get notified in the way you can see above. What are we doing then? Right, we are going into the “notification” tab and check what´s going on.

Screen Capture (84)

Normally, the notification on the tile are going away and we will see our profile image switching around. But this does not work anymore. The notifications are  still remaining.

I have tested this on three devices with three different Live-IDs:

  • HTC Titan, OS version .8107
  • HTC Radar, OS version .8107
  • Nokia Lumia 800, OS version .8107

All three devices have regional settings for Germany.

Only if we get another notification and read them, the notification goes away. But here is the next strangeness: only Twitter mentions can clear up Twitter notifications, and only Facebook news can clear up Facebook notifications.

Re-adding the accounts does not solve this problem.

Maybe it has to do something with the recent switch from Live-ID to Microsoft-ID since the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released. I will track this and keep you informed.

Did you experience the same issues on your Windows Phone´s Me tile? If so, please leave a comment below with your phone model, your OS version and your region. I will shot this article at the Windows Phone Support team, as I did before with the article about tweets not showing up on Twitter..

Update 1:

Windows Phone Support has looked into the problem. It seems the problem is solved for the moment. I tried also to get mor information, but sadly the support team does not share a lot of information. I will track this over the next few days and keep you informed.


If you still have this issues, I recommend you to contact @WinPhoneSupport. Alternatively leave a comment below, I will shot them a message.



I have been having the exact same issues as described. I am using a Samsung omnia 7. Glad its not just me then was beginning to think my phone was on the way out. Looking forward to getting my Lumia 900 soon, hopefully the issue will be resolved by then as I need the functionality to work so I can show off my new phone to my colleagues and peers and convince them to part ways with their androids and iPhones, something I have been accomplishing successfully this far =)

Sadly there are more people to have this problem. I just want to get their attention on this problem so MS can fix it. Please spread the word to others, too. Thx for your support.

Badescu Alexandru

No problems for me.. this is indeed strange.. i have a Lumia 800 (from England career)

i have figure it out
just turn off the facebook app notification on your notification in your facebook
you can do it with hover the mouse to the top corner of that facebook app (ex: the sims social) end press x button
you will see 2 option there, turn off or keep it alive..
this might be me tile on windows phone doesn’t recognize where the real notification from friends activities or the facebook app notification

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