Timeline for your Facebook page launched today

While I am waiting for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview to be downloaded, I just recognized that Facebook silently launched Timeline for pages.

Over the next month, you can change the look of your page. At March, 30th, Facebook will activate it automatically for you.

Similar look to your profile´s Timeline


On top, you have your banner, and you can add a small icon of your wish as well.


Under this banner, you will find your tabs and apps, which can be customized. You can also highlight posts which are important to you:


New admin panel


On your Admin panel you can see your stats, like how many are talking about your page, as well as visits. One big improvement: You can receive messages directly to your page, and respond as your page.

New: activity log


You can use your activity log to find older posts. If you are admin of a page, you can also sort the log by year or type of story. So it will be easy to find a video you posted month ago.

That was a short overview of Timeline for pages, which is also available today.

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