Nokia Lumia 610 will get two additional cover colors and will launch as prepaid-bundle


The German Windows Phone news page recently posted an article about the Lumia 610.

The Lumia 610 is supposed to launch as prepaid-bundle-device. This might mean some restrictions, as these devices are often delivered SIM- or net-locked. More details on this are not available at the moment.

To achieve their goal to reach out to as  many  young people as possible, Nokia will threat two additional colors to their 610 product line. These colors are orange and purple.

Nokia wants their new Lumia 610 to be “hip and flip”, as the said on a blogger meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany. Launch of this device will be in May this year.

It is also said that the Lumia 610 will be delivered with Mango, and will get an update to the Mango refresh (read here more about it).

So I am curios about how this will end, but as a father with a son who wants a Windows Phone device to own (he is playing a lot with my phone), I really do not have a problem to buy it as prepaid-bundle. Only thing I hope it will be a net-lock on my carrier, not a SIM-lock.

Also with only a net-lock there is the possibility to buy it as a bundle and use your mobile contract SIM in it.

As soon as I get new information about this, I will update this post.

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