New rumors about the next Xbox generation


Today some new rumors have been leaked how the next could be equipped.

The gamer news site VG24/7 has learned from their sources that the Xbox 720 has been confirmed for a Christmas 2013 release.

The site reports further that the next Xbox will have a Blue-ray drive.

Xbox 720 graphics will be powered by two GPU´s.  VG24/7 thinks it will be an equivalent to AMD´s 7000 series GPU. The GPUs will be set up to work independently from each other.

When it comes to the CPU, the rumors were not as exact as the data before. It will be a four or six core CPU. One of the cores is exclusive to the Kinect and one to the Xbox OS.

The Kinect is rumored to be built into the console instead of an extra device. To protect content from  piracy, a permanent internet connection is needed.

The above information were collected at the Durango summit in London, which was held at the end of February.

Durango is the codename for the next Xbox generation.

As always, I take this information for what they are: rumors. They sure sound like an incredible piece of hardware.

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