Metro style menu is coming to Microsoft´s Live web services

Recently leaked images of coming changes to Microsoft´s Live web services show us that the Metro style is coming to the web.

As I am hugely Metro addicted, I can´t wait until these changes go live. Sadly we still have to wait until the changes go live.

Let me first show you the changes in two screenshots:


On the image above you may notice that slim grey bar. If you click on this bar, a new menu opens:


As you can see, the menu looks very similar to the Windows 8 Metro style apps. The logo of each service is the same as on Windows 8.

Currently Microsoft is hiring a new UX Designer to make the web experience more seamlessly Metro integrated.

As I mentioned, I love the Metro UI and I cannot get enough of it. It is really good to see Microsoft is continuing its conversion on all services, to create a really unique user experience.

Of course I will keep you informed if any news regarding this pop up.


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