IM+ available on WP7 Marketplace for € 8,99

Hello everybody,

IM+ of Shape Services is now available on the WP7 Marketplace.

It is relatively high priced for the features you will get.


I for my part will not buy it. Sure, I have friends on GTalk and the other services, but the most also have a Facebook account. And with the free available app “fim” (supports also toast notification as well as a live tile), I can get in touch with most of them.

I know that this is a very negative sight on this app, but with the coming Mango update the price is definitely not worth the app. Another bad point is that there is no trial. On other platforms there are free versions (like on iOS), but on WP7 we did not even get a trial?

So everybody has to decide for himself whether you spend the money or wait for Mango.

That´s all to say about this.



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