How to set up your Klout topics to receive better +K

This post will be a bit off the usual  topics, but it is an important one in my eyes. Klout, a social measuring service, is used by  lot of people that follow in my community.

Based on the topics you cover in your social world, you can receive so called “K+”, which can increase your Klout score.

Sadly a lot of people are using Klout to measure their influence, but only a small amount adjusts their topics on which they are influent. I just wanted to show you all how easy you can adjust your topics.

When you are on your Klout profile, scroll down until you see the “Your Topics” on the left part of the page.


You will have to move the mouse into this field to see “see more”. Click on that to open your topics list:


Check that list for topics you want to be influent of. If you discover a topic that you want to remove from that list, you have to move your mouse over the icon of that topic. With a click on the ‘X’ you will be prompted for confirmation.


You may have to delete a lot of topics until you will have removed all unwanted items in that list. After you finished, you can add new topics to that list via “Add a topic”. If you do not see this on your list, you will have to delete more items from the current list.


So that’s all about the simple way to optimize your Klout topics. I hope this will help a lot of you to improve your Klout score.



Yes! It is about time! Everybody who used Klout should optimize their topics! Very useful!

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Really useful post, never really set up Klout properly, and this helped incredibly 🙂

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