How to change language on W8CP

Today I want to talk about a nice little feature in Windows 8. You can switch nearly seamlessly between different languages.

Here is a little guide:

Screenshot (44)

Go to the control panel in desktop mode of Windows 8 and click on language. If you do not see the icon click on “view by:” and select the big or small icon setting.

Screenshot (45)

Now click on “Add a language” in the language settings screen.

Screenshot (46)

Search the language you want to install. Currently, there is support for English , French, German and Japanese. For all other languages you can set a keyboard layout. Double click the language you want and it will be added to your language list. Now click on “Options” on the right hand side of your selected language.

Screenshot (47)

With a click on “Download and install language pack” your selected language will be downloaded and installed. To activate your selected language, click again on “Options”.

Screenshot (48)

Click on “Make this the primary language” now. You will see following notification:

Screenshot (49)

After a short sign-off and sign-in procedure you will be using Windows in your desired language. This is working regardless which system language you initially used to install, as long as it is one of the supported languages.

Have fun!

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