How to access W8CP store of foreign regions

As I noticed in one of my previous posts, there is a list of all available apps for Windows 8.

If you have followed the link, you might have noticed that there are some apps which are regionally restricted. But you can download them as well, and this post will tell you about how to.

First step you have to do is change the language of your system like I described here.

Once you have done this, you have to change the region settings of your windows. Go to control panel in desktop mode (or use search), and click on “Region”

Screenshot (44)

Now choose the tab “Location”.

Screenshot (42)

Now choose the location you want to switch on. In my example I use the United States.

Screenshot (43)

Confirm the change with “Apply” and exit this window with “OK”.

Screenshot (50)

Screenshot (53)

Now we have access to the American Windows 8 store. Apps you install in this way will also work if you turn back to your normal region/language settings.

Please note that without the language change you will not be able to access foreign regions store. I tried it several times, but only this way was working for me.

Have fun with testing all Windows 8 apps!


Still can’t access after following your steps. Help me please, I’m from Myanamr.

The way I describe is the only way that works. did you follow all steps?

hi, i’m from Burma (Myanmar).
When i open the app store, it says
“Sorry, App Store isn’t available for your region”.
How can i solve this problem???
Help me, please.

if you follow all steps above, you should be fine. also, you should disable the “show apps for my favored language” in the Store app once you are in. and make sure you did not allow the OS to track your position.

I try but it doesn’t work. please tell me another method.

that is the only way I know and that still works. What’s the error you get?

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