Help Microsoft to improve voice control on your Xbox


Yesterday Microsoft released another Xbox app. It seems this app has been launched worldwide.

The app is named “Voice Studio”, and its goal is to improve the voice recognition and control of our Xbox.

Microsoft is rewarding you

Nice: Microsoft is rewarding you for your help with some Game Points. Check the achievements below:


A walk through the app:

Before we are starting our little tour, I have to say the text in the screens is German (as my Xbox´s default language is German). I will explain all screens to you, so please don’t mind this. First I want to show you the  startup screen:


After loading has finished, you have to choose between a new or an existing profile. If you (of course on the first start) make a new profile, you have to declare some details about your person:


The name of the player cannot be changed. This is a good move, as it keeps the results anonymous. You have to declare: age, gender, country, state and your own language. Second step is to tell the app something about the room: WP_000481

You have to declare: type of speakers, size of the room, which kind of room (in my case it is the living room) an which kind of flooring you have. Now your Xbox will do some sound tests based on the settings you made. Once this is done (about one minute), you will be able to choose one of the 8 text sets:


After choosing a category, Xbox tells you where your have to go to in your room to speak the test. During the whole test there are some background sounds. The app is now showing you some sentences and words you have to speak:


This sentence means: “crabs can achieve an age of three up to twelve years.” The red lights on the side are signalizing you, that your speech is recognized by the app. Once you finished all sets, your track will be saved. This takes some time:


Once the saving is done, your track will be uploaded to a Microsoft server:


Depending on you internet connection, this may take several time.

Now it is your turn!

The more users are helping with this little app, the more improvements can be done by Microsoft. So download the app, and help Microsoft by only speaking with your Xbox!

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