(Updated) Hardware–OEMs: where is the love for WindowsPhone (MWC12)?


Yesterday, on Day 0 of the Mobile World Congress, there were already a few conferences from hardware manufacturers. It seems that their love for Windows Phone still has to be set on fire.

  • Sony introduced only their new XPERIA Android phones. No Windows Phone, also if this was rumored before. It does also make no sense that Sony will jump of the train, because with XBOX Live there will be a direct competitor in console market on a Phone from Sony. So this is certainly no surprise.
  • Huawei has also not announced any new Windows Phone, only Android.
  • no LG Windows Phone announcement…
  • HTC has unveiled their new brand series “HTC One”, an Android series. But there is also something positive to say. First, there will be an international launch of the HTC Titan II (HTC´s first LTE Windows Phone, actually to be launched on AT&T). Second, HTC is waiting for Windows Phone Apollo, which is due later this year, to launch new Windows Phones (read more here). So almost a bit of Windows Phone love from HTC.
  • Nokia will be keynoting their new devices today, at 8.30 (Central European Time). You can watch their announcements here: www.nokia.com/mwc

So there is only a little about Windows Phone from the hardware OEMs. But there will also be a Microsoft keynote about Windows Phone, it may be the place to announce new devices, along the announcement for Windows Phone Tango. As the MWC has not started officially, there is still room for plenty of good news for us.

Update 1: Samsung is waiting for Windows Phone 8 to launch new devices

Also with not launching new devices on MWC this year, Samsung is still committed to the Windows Phone OS. Like HTC, also Samsung is waiting for Windows Phone Apollo. The decision was made, as Samsung also plans a bunch of Windows 8 tablet devices, to get the most out of the experience on both tablet and phone.


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