German TV shows Windows Phones in report about LTE


German TV show “Galileo” recently sent a report about LTE and how it will change our live while using the internet on the go. For us techies this seems rather unspectacular, as we all now how LTE works, right?

What makes the thing a little more interesting is the fact that they used Windows Phones besides the meanwhile typically used Droids.

So it seems also here in Germany Windows Phone gains some more attention, and is accepted as the “third” ecosystem.

What´s also interesting is they are showing a Nokia Lumia 710 (or a-look-alike) in this video. Well, I do not want to interpret that much into it, but it is still interesting.

The second device shown is the HTC Titan II, which was named to be released in the near future. They did not say only in the US, so there might be hope for a release to the rest of the world…


So I am curios of what is coming to us, as well from the LTE-part as from the phone part. Maybe after the MWC this month we all know more.

If you know the german language, here you can watch the whole video.

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