Game Review: ORB

http___catalog.zune.net_v3.2_de-DE_image_5b0486a5-1aac-407a-8bcc-395d36c7d9cf_width=480&height=480&resize=true&contenttype=image_jpeg$8907ce17Hi everybody,

I found a nice little game on marketplace today.

It is called “ORB” a roll-a-ball game with real smooth graphics. In this Game you have to control a ball over a ground of tiles. The tiles disappear after passing over them.

You control the game with the tilt sensor. Tilt forward to accelerate, backwards to decelerate. Steering left or right will move the ball in each direction.http___catalog.zune.net_v3.2_de-DE_image_26ba8edf-aacc-4cff-a1f0-81d2483d2b18_width=480&height=480&resize=true&contenttype=image_jpeg$e5ea4009

But it is not as that easy as it sounds. The game scrolls automatic forward, if you decelerate too much you will lose.

There are also several fields which are making your live difficult. You have to fight with fields that  are kicking you to the side, with mine fields and with holes in the ground.

There also some fields that might help you such as fans, which make your ball jumping very high or a turbo boost field.

I want you to show that the game itself is not that easy (especially if you make with a second phone a video Zwinkerndes Smiley). So watch the video right now:

Download the Game right now here (opens Zune).

Note: Today, 6/13/2011, this fantastic game is free!



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