Game Review: Galaxium

WP_000148As promised yesterday on my Facebook Page, here is my review of Galaxium. Galaxium is from the same developer as MonsterUp. There are two versions of Galaxium, free (advertises are displayed on top of the game – all the time) and paid. I tried it with the free version, and as I was really happy with the game, I bought the game for 0,99 EUR.

WP_000149First I want to say that the games load really fast. There are a few settings you can adjust.

The upper buttons are for game music and sound effects. They can be turned on or off.

In the middle you can turn of the vibration when you have been hit by the enemy ships. Also there is a button to turn of the gameplay hints.

In the third line you can choose between high or low graphic effects. And here you can choose whether your highscore will be submitted to the online leaderboard or not.

Before you start the game you can choose between three ships with different specifications:

WP_000153   WP_000151    WP_000152

I use always the “Mega”-Ship as this one has both shield and speed. During the game you can upgrade you ship with the following items: (hold down two fingers to activate upgrades)WP_000155




  1. Speed up your ship
  2. Upgrade your forward weapon
  3. Upgrade diagonal weapon
  4. Upgrade side-shot weapon
  5. Add a rocket
  6. Add a shield
  7. Repair your Ship
  8. Increase shooting speed


Kariosgames has improved their game. With the second update in pause menu you can see how your ship is equipped.


The Gameplay overall is also improved. You can now use your tilt sensor to control the ship and the speed update is now markable.

Take a look at Wave 35´s Boss fight:



And now check out my hands-on video of Galaxium:


Woohoo, from the 5th place to the 2nd, put back to the 8th. But now I have managed to climb on top of the leaderboard! I am No 1!!!!  (no, it´s not msicc, I used my Xbox-live Gamertag)


So everybody is invited to join the battle to be number one!

Head over to the marketplace and get the paid version here, and the free version here.



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