Editorial: Windows Phone 7 is not dead!


We all know that Windows Phone 8 was launched a few weeks ago. And with that launch, there came up far to much voices that want to tell us that Windows Phone 7 is dead. It is not, and I am going to tell you why.

Microsoft is still providing support for Windows Phone 7. The marketplace recently expanded to 42 new countries, for example. And their blog title was “reach more customers with 7.8”. So you can bet there will be more countries that will get still Windows Phone 7 devices (for example the Lumia 510, which is a very low cost device).

Nokia stated support for current Lumia devices, also beyond Windows Phone 7.8. Nokia is constantly launching new Lumia exclusives, and most of them are able to run on current WP7 devices. The other OEMs did not support Windows Phone 7 in recent months, and this will continue as far as we can say today.

Sure, we, the power users, are waiting for the update to 7.8 and which new features we will get. It is very clear that it will not be a similar update like Windows Phone 8, but there will come some new features to Windows Phone 7 (at least there are some rumors about it).

And there is one thing I really do not understand. We are using Windows Phone 7 for month, some of us even for years. Yeah, there is a new version. And now it is bad? What about the experience we had and still are able to have?

Windows Phone 7 was the ground stone for something epic that happened with Microsoft. And of course Microsoft has to put some evolution magic to it – the results are Windows 8, the new Xbox Dashboard, Windows Phone 8 and of course all the Metro styled web services. But there are still enough users out there that are happy with Windows Phone 7. And I am one of them.

Of course, Windows Phone 8 seems to be pure awesomeness, but I do not have a device with it yet. And the upcoming update to Windows Phone 7.8 is delayed (if we could call it that way) until Q1 of 2013. That does not mean I can’t use my Windows Phone right now, and it also doesΒ  not mean I can’t develop apps for Windows Phone right now. In fact, I am doing both right now – and I am happy because it is still the best OS that my smartphone can run. And it still does what it can do better than any other phone OS: put people first.



WP7 is not dead for the next 3 years. There are so many devices outside there and they are still unable to supply the amount of WP8 devices, that is really required for the market today πŸ™‚

[posted via MSicc`s Blog for Windows Phone]

Yeah, the post was needed because I can’t hear anymore that WP7 has no future. Just wanted all to think about WP7 the right way πŸ™‚

[posted via MSicc`s Blog for Windows Phone]

I agree with your post. Windows Phone 7 is a great platform. I think the main problem for WP7.8 is the lack of IE10. A better browser for HTML5 support.

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