Confirmed by job postings: Microsoft is bringing Skype to the Web and Windows 8


Last year Microsoft bought Skype. And Microsoft is continuing to bring their services on as many platforms as possible. has been tipped of a job posting from Microsoft. In this job posting, Microsoft searches for passionate, team-oriented and self motivated developers to help them bring Skype on to the web.

Aiming hundred millions of thankful users worldwide, Microsoft wants these developers to integrate existing Skype solution in web services. Soon we will be able to use Skype even without a client on nearly every device that has a browser.

The most interesting part is surely that the web version of Skype could be written in HTML5/JavaScript. That means also nearly all mobile Systems will support the web version also!

I found out that Microsoft is also searching for Windows 8 developers to bring Skype on their next operating system. Skype will also be written in HTML5 and JavaScript on Windows 8.

You can read the web job posting here and the Windows 8 job posting here.

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