Bing Video search updated to make searching for videos easier

Microsoft is constantly updating its Bing service, and now the video search has received an update. Once you search a video, your result page will look like this:

Screenshot (95)

If you go with your mouse over a video, it starts immediately to play. So you can see before going to the video´s page whether it is worth or not.

As you can see on the image above, you can also detail your search terms by length, resolution as well as set sources.

The most impressing thing for me is the “infinite scrolling”, which is also available on image search. You can scroll and scroll, and Bing adds automatically further results. No need to click on a “next page” button, this is providing a “fast and fluid” experience.

The update is available in all countries where Bing Video currently is available.

What do you think about this? Shot me a comment below.

source: via Bing

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