(Update 2) Bing Germany updated with new functions


Yesterday Microsoft launched an update to their search engine Bing in Germany.

New: Hotspots

International users may now already this function, but to us in Germany it is new. Once you move the mouse on the Bing-homepage, you will recognize some squares on the image.

Screenshot (76)

You are wondering what they are doing? Well, they provide further background information about today´s image. Today for example it is all about Cádiz, a famous carneval city in Spain. Once you move your mouse over a square, more information and a link are provided:

Screenshot (75)

This feature is now also available on German Windows Phones:

Screen Capture

Screen Capture (2)

More intelligent search results

Microsoft´s goal is to provide contextual search results. For example, searching for a movie on the PC will show up some critics and other information about the movie, as you can see on the screenshot below:Screenshot (81)

The results for Kung Fu Panda 2 (my kids love this movie as well as I do), leads to the official page, the wiki page, some videos and the IMDB page. On your Xbox you will get all the entries which are available for Xbox like Movies to rent or buy as well as games related to your search.

Bing Tour in German

Screenshot (82)

The Bing tour in German language shows you how you can make your life easier with Bing. The video shows how to search for videos, images, as well as use it on your Windows Phone. You can watch the video at http://www.bingtour.de/.

Local Scout finally in Germany

UK and US users can use this feature for a time now. Since yesterday, this also works here in Germany. With Local Scout you get search results nearby you:

Screen Capture (59)

Update 1:

The dedicated “Local Scout” button still disappears on German Windows Phones. The search itself is working as aspected. I will update this as soon as the button is available.  (Thanks  to Mark who reminds me the missing button).

Update 2:


According to Bing Germany´s Twitter account, Microsoft is working to make the local scout functionality in Windows Phone fully available. For the moment it is only working in normal search, the dedicated button disappears from German Windows Phones. No word when it will be ready to use.

So finally Microsoft shows some love for us here in Germany. Hopefully this will happen to the Zune pass too, which is still missing here in Germany. What do you all think of this changes?


In der Pressemitteilung habe ich nichts von Local Scout gelesen, hast du eine Quelle hierzu?

der button fehlt, aber die lokalen Suchergebnisse sind schon da, und ich kann mich dann hinnavigieren lassen. wurde im Video gezeigt.

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