App Review: …I´m a WP7–upcoming Update included


Today I want to talk about a great community app for our Windows Phones: I´m a WP7! {join the movement}

With this great app you can easily see other users and developers around you (which have already joined the movement).

I used this app right from the start in April. In the beginning there weren´t much users. But the community grows, and now we got near 18.000 users all over the world!

The app itself has really great user experience with full metro style UI.

Current Version (2.4) supports following features:

  • – Register yourself by location, a postal code or simply “in the cloud”
  • – Latest WP7 Users & Developers
  • – Devs can provide a company name – users can automatically search the marketplace for them
  • – worldwide search for other users
  • – messaging system
  • – themes

That´s all fine right know, but also the app the app itself has a movement to Version 2.5, which is currently waiting for approval in the marketplace.

The upcoming features are:

  • – Push Notifications for messages!
  • – Individual status and status updates!
  • – Gamer Tag/Avatar integration!
  • – MAJOR Search and Map enhancements!
  • – Windows Phone Tips & Tricks!
  • – Latest Windows Phone News!
  • – Member Apps!
  • – More statistics!
  • – More themes, including a new "Mango" theme!

Here are some shots of the new version (thanks to the developer!)

WP701 WP702 WP703WP704 WP705 WP707 WP708 WP710 WP713

The app is currently only available in English, will be translated to French, German, Italian and Spanish in future.

If you have not installed yet this app, head over to the marketplace and join the movement!



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