How to install the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 on W8CP (WPDev)

How to install the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 on W8CP (WPDev)

Screenshot (86)

This week Microsoft released the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 to us developers. If you are on Windows 7, you can hit the download  button and install the SDK, everything will go fine.

If you have used my tutorial on how to install the SDK on W8CP, things are a little different. You might face the following error message:

Screenshot (74)

The error says that the update is not applicable or is blocked by another condition on your computer (you can read more about that here). The Link to the KB-site does not offer anything helpful, so I played around to find a workaround.

Here is a my tutorial for installing the SDK in this case:

  • perform a “repair install” of the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1
  • download the update
  • install the update, if no error shows up, everything will go fine
  • if you face the message again, abort the installation
  • download the update again
  • after second download, everything should go fine

I know this is a little bit confusing. In fact it was the only way for me to get the update installed. I tried several ways, and if a way did not work I restored the point before the repair install to get this tutorial done.

After the installation I also tried to open up my blog app on the 256 MB emulator. Of course I was curios whether my will start or not, luckily it did:

Screenshot (85)

So I hope with my little tutorial I was able to help you to get developing started with Windows 8 again. For my part I am happy, as I often code while I am at train, and in battery mode debugging on device does not work on W8CP.

Happy coding everyone!

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WPDEV on W8CP: How to install the Windows Phone SDK

Yesterday I was all day playing around with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (W8CP) as many of us.


Today I wanted to get a bit more serious and tried to install the Windows Phone SDK.

Once downloaded from App Hub, I clicked “Install”, and waited for the SDK to complete  . Install went trough, and I was waiting for opening my current project.

But then I was shocked by numerous error messages, all of the regarding XNA plugins and updates. So the dream was over. The SDK does not support W8CP.


I am a very Metro-addicted man, so I was searching for a solution. On Twitter I was tipped by @nikovrdoljak to one part of the solution.

The errors are caused by Games for Windows – LIVE Redistributable

XNA Game Studio installs a version of the Games for Windows – LIVE Redistributable behind the scenes.  Some older versions of the Games for Windows – LIVE Redistributable attempt to install and use a file that is being installed by Windows 8, and the older versions of the redistributable are not compatible with the newer version of the file that is installed by Windows 8.  Newer versions of the Games for Windows – LIVE Redistributable are compatible with Windows 8, and if you pre-install the new redistributable before installing XNA Game Studio, setup will recognize that it is already there and use the new version instead of trying to install the old version.

The reason this issue also impacts the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 is that this SDK installs XNA Game Studio behind the scenes, which in turn installs the Games for Windows – LIVE Redistributable behind the scenes.

So where to download the actual version? Let´s check this later. I followed the steps shown on Aaron Stebner’s WebLog. But that was not all.

I think more WPDev are willing to try, so here is a checklist:

  • uninstall all parts of the Windows Phone SDK – Note: there are some bits left after you use the automatic install, so you have to uninstall remaining parts of the SDK manually
  • do a reboot (that thing you do not want to do once you started playing around with W8CP). Don´t worry, it is faster as on Windows 7 (on my 2 year old ASUS under one minute).
  • go to the Games for Windows download page, which you can find on this page: http://www.xbox.com/de-DE/LIVE/PC/DownloadClient. Replace the “de-DE”-part with your regional language code, for the US p. e. “en-US” to download the correct version of the redistributable.
  • start installation
  • in the middle of the installation, the UAC asks you to allow the installation. Now click on “change, when this message appears” (the original wording might be slightly different, I translated it from German).
  • pull down the switch to set Windows to not ask you anymore (yes, even if this is not recommended)
  • now let the installation of Games for Windows –LIVE Redistributable finish.
  • finally, start installation of the Windows Phone SDK. This time, it takes a little longer than before (probably due to the now working install parts)
  • if you want to, turn the UAC on again (control panel/more settings/users/settings for user access control)

Congrats, you installed the Windows Phone SDK, but…

you still have to deal with some points:

  • the SDK currently works only with Visual Studio 2010
  • the emulator does not work, so you have to debug on device
  • the updated Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 (which is only to have a look, not the final version), might afford additional steps

For me it only worked with above mentioned steps. If you had another steps to do or additional information, leave a comment to discuss.

happy coding on Windows 8, everyone!

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(Updated 2) WindowsPhone on MWC12: Apps and Software from Microsoft

(Updated 2) WindowsPhone on MWC12: Apps and Software from Microsoft

So this will be my final post about today on Mobile World Congress. It will focus on the Apps and Software part.


Skype finally arrived on Windows Phone!

Although it is only a very public beta, Skype has finally arrived on our Windows Phones.

At the moment it has very basic functionality, such as making a calls, video calls and send instant messages.

You can download the app through the Marketplace on your phone or at the web Marketplace on your computer.

The full featured version will be available later this year, suggested to be in April.

Sadly there were no other apps announced. As it was the first day, there could still happen something.

Update 2: Good for Enterprise is coming to Windows Phone

Good for Enterprise is launching a Windows Phone version of their Exchange Solution to Windows Phone. This app will give you access to your Enterprise Exchange, but runs it in a sandbox. No information will get outside this sandbox, or  get into, but you can use email, contacts, calendar, Intranet, PIM, Web-based apps and more within the app.

So even if you got “official” access to your Enterpise network, this might be a good solution to be well informed, but keep your daily driver as untouched as possible by your work. I will write a review about this app as soon as it is available.



Windows Phone – OS update

Also announced was an update to Windows Phone OS. But it was not called Tango.

Microsoft has reengineered the OS to work on lower-cost hardware to bring the experience to more devices. Windows Phone will enable phone to use the Qualcomm 7x27a-CPU as well as a reduced amount of 256 MB of RAM. The experience will remain the same as customers can see on TV-spots, newspaper ads etc., but without any loss on the performance of the OS.

What about apps on the new update? App that will not run well on the new, lower spec´d devices, will be flagged that they could lead in an not satisfying user experience. So basically, you will be able to load only apps, which are running well on your phone.

Additional features were not announced, so it looks like it was all about enabling those devices…

Really? I think with the launch of the update (probably in April), we will hear more…

WPDev – updated Windows Phone SDK

In the last few month, the Marketplace has seen a growth of 300 % in published apps. That is a huge number, and will help reach the goal of 100,000 apps by the launch of Windows Phone 8 (Apollo).

In Addition of the optimized OS, also the current available apps were reviewed. The result is fantastic: 95 % of current available apps will also run on the lower spec`d devices! Microsoft did a complex testing on that, based on consumer reviews, developer reviews and emulator testing.

Well, how will we decide to show our apps also on the lower-end devices? According to Joe Belfiore, that is easy: you can opt out this within the manifest file of your app. Some apps have been opted out by Microsoft, based on the above mentioned testing methods. But in the end, we developers are deciding to opt in or leave them opted out.

If you want to see how your apps are running on the new OS-version, you can download the testing SDK for Windows Phone 7.1.1 in Microsoft´s Download Center.

Some devs mentioned to not run the SDK on a production machine. Apps compiled with this SDK will not be accepted in the submission process.

Update 1: Some new features, some new restrictions

It turns out there area few new features in the forthcoming update:

  • multiple attachments for MMS
  • voice attachements for MMS (restricted to a one minute duration)
  • video attachements for MMS

There were also some rumors that there will be a folder function, but these yet have to be confirmed.

Now to the restrictions, both for end users and developers:

  • SkyDrive automatic upload is deactivated by default, is now an opt-in option
  • Bing Local Scout does not work on those devices
  • Background-Tasks are not working on these phones. This will affect a bunch of apps, which are currently using it. However the app itself will be able to run like before. It´s up to us developers to detect on which version our apps are running.
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What´s up for Microsoft in 2012?

What´s up for Microsoft in 2012?


Today I want to give a sneak preview of what we can expect from Microsoft this year.

Several dates are just fixed:

January 10-13: CES

This will be Microsoft´s last appearance on the Consumer Electronic Show. While this decision started a controversial discussion last year, we will sure see some new features for our Xbox, Windows Phone and probably on Windows 8. Also Nokia is located with a big stand, so I guess there will sure be some Windows Phone news. Maybe we developers will get again some beta of the next Windows Phone version? Or a Windows Phone by Sony (Ericsson)?

February 27 –  March 1: Mobile World Congress

Well, this will be an interesting thing for me from two parts: first as an employee of Telefonicá, which has always something big to tell about their on-going projects like BlueVia, the API-program of them. The world central is also located in Spain, so it is only natural that there will be a huge presence of Telefonicá.  Second part is from my part as Microsoft fan. I expect further details about the next version of Windows Phone, and also some news about the tablet capabilities of Windows 8.

March 9-18: SWSX Interactive

Last year, we all received our fantastic IE9. What happens this year? IE10? Windows 8? Xbox? Well, actually there is nothing concrete, so I have to update this when there will be news.

April: MIX

Well, if you click on that site, there are no news about a conference this year. Maybe it will be mashed up in this years Build. MS itself has no information to share at the moment.

June 5-7: E3 Expo

This is Microsoft´s primary Xbox Stage, and so we will normally see a lot of new Games both for Windows Phone and Xbox (like in 2011). I think there will be also some new apps around there, as the Xbox is now our multimedia centre in our living rooms.

June 11-14: TechEd 2012 

This is for pros and devs and is normally about already announced products. This is primarily for North America.

June 25-29: TechEd Europe 2012

After cancelling last year’s TechEd Europe, Microsoft is set to hold this year´s event.

July 9-13 Worldwide Partner Conference 2012

Microsoft is annually holding this event to thank their partners, show their roadmaps. As the trend for cloud computing continues, I guess there will be a large time of talking about the cloud, the cloud and the cloud.

November 12-15 SharePoint Conference 2012

As until now there is nothing about Office, Office 365 and SharePoint around, I guess this will be the scheduled launch conference for the updated 2012 product line.

So now you have a smart oversight about this years Microsoft events. Surely this list will be updated from time to time, as there are missing some events:

Build 2012

As it seems without a doubt the year of Windows 8 and the next version of Windows Phone, I am sure there will be an event. At this moment there is no information about it, but the missing MIX-conference is another indicator for this event to happen.

As I mentioned above, I will steadily update this post to keep the list up to date.

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My review of a year with Microsoft and a to-do-list for 2012

My review of a year with Microsoft and a to-do-list for 2012


With the end of the year just around the corner, I want to take a look back to an amazing year for me as a Microsoft fan. There were certainly ups and downs, but over all it was a great year – as user and also as developer.

I do not want to take any numbers – there are already dozens of post where the numbers were discussed, so I guess we don´t need to get another post about this. I will tell you how the year felt for me.


First we got a look into the future at the CES. With the CES we received a first view on Microsoft´s new strategy: Metro over all devices. We saw a first preview of Windows 8 with a Metro design part, but still have to wait for more information until Build in September, which was a specific event for Windows 8 (codename for now). The most appreciated news was the SoC-technology (System on a Chip), which will be supported by Windows 8. Also there were some Kinect improvements, as well as an updated version on Microsoft Surface. And finally Microsoft announced the NoDo-features like Copy&Paste.

The NoDo-Update came for Windows Phone. Well, as I got an unlocked HTC HD7 at this time, this was no real problem for me. I forced the update (thanks to the guys who found out this little trick), and that was it. This changed only little things. The carrier locked phones had to wait a bit longer, as the carriers were still in testing. The update seems also to do not well with some Samsung Phones, so there was always bad critics for the update process.


Ok, Back to February and to the Mobile World Congress. MS gave us a first preview on the Internet Explorer 9, and compared it to the iOS-Safari. It was clearly the better one. But as always Microsoft also made us sad, as we had to wait until Windows Phone Mango. Finally we got also the first note that Windows Phone will receive Multitasking capabilities. And then there was the big bang of Nokia joining the Windows Phone game.

At the same time I made my fishing license. After I got approved for it, I wanted to download some fishing apps. But there wasn´t even one at this time. I thought by myself, ok, give them some time, they will come.  The first time I was on the water I needed a special knot, luckily I was on a place where I got an internet connection. But it was annoying to not have an app for it. So I decided to learn the Windows Phone development.


Back at home, downloaded the tools, and found out that at Channel 9 is a Beginner series for Windows Phone Development. I stepped through to all the videos, and after 2 month or so (due to my primary work it took that long) I started to develop my fishing knots application. I learned a lot more while I was coding this application, but the basics I learned helped me a lot to get started.


While I started with my own WPDev-Story, in April Microsoft held his annual MIX-conference. This was the first time for me, that it was not only from a user part from interest, but also from a developer part. We received an updated SDK, which was an huge step towards Windows Phone Mango. Microsoft announced 1500 new features which we developers can take advantage from with the new Windows Phone Mango release. User will get over 500 new features. The Kinect SDK expanded to Windows, with some really cool projects to use with. And last but not least Microsoft released the final Beta of Silverlight.


The rumours were also going wild for Microsoft to buy Skype. Well, finally in may Microsoft and Skype announced that the rumours were true.


Until now, a awesome first half of the year. Then in June, the annual E3-Games convention started. Microsoft introduced a bunch of new games, like Fruit Ninja Kinect, Forza Motorsport 4 as well as Family Titles like Disneyland Adventures for Kinect or Once upon a Monster for Kinect. My kids where as excited as I was, there was only one big error: We had a Xbox, but no Kinect. This was one reason I wanted a Kinect like never before. Well, Santa (aka my wife, 1000 kisses for her) solved this little problem for me a few days ago. Also some titles for Windows Phone were announced, sadly not all of them where released until now. We also were introduced to the new Xbox Dashboard and the new bunch of features like Voice commands. Microsoft released also Kinect fun labs, which is a portal to some awesome Apps for Kinect like Build a Buddy or Kinect Me!.


In July Windows Phone Mango got RTM-status, followed by a special developer beta. I enjoyed the beta, and all on my primary work were jealous about the fact I had mango before them.


After a calm summer, in September Microsoft revealed Windows 8 and released to Windows Phone Mango Update. Together with the new Xbox Dashboard, Microsoft revealed its “3-Screens”-Strategy.


With new Windows Phone Hardware it steps forward, Nokia launched also finally their first Windows Phones. More and More must-have Smartphone-apps came to Windows Phone, such as Navigon or Whatsapp. Microsoft´s own advertising system launched in other countries like Germany and some other European countries.


Well, also my Blog made a change. With all that Metro-stuff around me, I am now addicted to this design. A hosted blog on WordPress was no longer good for me, so I registered msicc.net and host it on my own. I found a good designer who has experience with themes for WordPress, and he made this fantastic metro design for me. It is currently still a work in progress, as there will be a mobile metro theme as well as some other features.

Microsoft released also some of their services on the other smartphone platforms iOS and Android. MS is a software company, and this step is more than logical for me. Some features are also after exclusive to Windows Phone, so it does not really hurt.

It was an amazing year, but there were also some disappointing things: Microsoft stated that Skype will launch on Windows Phone this fall, then by the month of December. Sadly it is still missing. We tried to force Microsoft to release it via twitter or Facebook, but there was and is not statement when we will get it on our Phones. Also Photosynth, launched on iPhone and promised for a launch with Mango, is still not here – without comment from Microsoft.

I really hope Microsoft will really work with the feedback we provide trough their programs on userchoice.com to improve the overall experience on Windows Phone, Xbox and Windows.

Still there are a lot to-dos for Microsoft for 2012:

  • release Skype as an app
  • built in Skype into Windows Phone
  • Make all Bing features available outside the US
  • improve the Xbox-Live-Game-Submission on Marketplace
  • continue to get more devs on their side to provide Windows Phone apps
  • more marketing for Windows Phone and the experience
  • improve Windows Phone with the newest technologies like NFC, dual core CPU´s
  • open even more APIs to us developers
  • make TellMe simply better than Siri on iOS, including opening to developers
  • shorten the time between announcement and release btw. increase betas to more customers
  • release Zune-Pass in more countries. This is still a huge advantage over the other platforms as it is built in!
  • gain more partnerships for content on Xbox, Windows, Windows Phone
  • release more features in small updates to the Windows Phone platform to compete with the others, instead of releasing only one major update
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Microsoft reviews WPDev Feedback for WindowsPhone


It was just yesterday I blogged about the WPDev and User-Feedback released by Microsoft.

Now it turns out that Microsoft has 12 Topics set to be under review.

Most of the Topics are now wearing this comment:

Thank you all for the thoughtful commentary! We understand that [your Topic] is of vital importance to you and to our Windows Phone users. Your feedback has placed it very high on the consideration list for future Windows Phone releases. Keep those suggestions and votes coming!

You can find this comment on following Topics:

However, there are also some Topics with a little more individual comments, which states that there is more feedback needed:

Qt Support:

This is an outcropping from the Native SDK suggestion (http://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/110705-app-platform/suggestions/1755203-native-sdk). Please use this suggestion to vote and comment on your want/need for Qt support on the Windows Phone platform.

Native SDK to support C++ Development:

Thanks all for the follow-up comments to Cliff’s note a few weeks ago. Repeating his note for those who missed it… “the comments and conversation around native C++ development are great. A few items:
– OpenGL is a separate item; related, I know, but a different conversation (and likely should be a different suggestion — I created http://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/110705-app-platform/suggestions/2440595-opengl-support for you to vote on
– Qt support is also a separate item, the same as OpenGL — I created http://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/110705-app-platform/suggestions/2440602-qt-support for you to vote on
– For DirectX, please add your voice to the http://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/110705-app-platform/suggestions/1755211-directx-access-for-3rd-party-developers suggestion
– I think it’s safe to expect a C++ support we would provide would likely have the same device/data limitations as the managed code platform…I would probably call out sensors that you want access to as additional suggestions (please, don’t say ‘we need ALL of them!’as that’s an easy one to simply say ‘too much effort’ and let it fall below the cut-line(s), be explicit on what you need and why).

For the most part, I think it’s safe to view native/C++ be something that extends the surface area of the developer platform to provide code reuse, rather than something that opens up the entire device for P/Invoke. The key tenet of “no user should ever regret installing an app” has to hold for this to be accepted/implemented.”

Make on-device development free:

We have worked with ChevronWP7 Labs (http://www.chevronwp7.com) to provide a low-cost option to unlock personal WP7 devices for developers who do not want to publish. Depending on how things go with ChevronWP7 Labs, we hope to enable more experimentation and personal development on their devices within the hobbyist and enthusiast communities in the near future.

In-App Purchase/Payments for Marketplace apps:

We understand that in-app purchase / payment is of vital importance to our developer community. If you haven’t already responded, help us better understand the requirement by answering Cliff’s questions from earlier in December, “how are you using IAP today? Mostly consumables (items like gold, virtual currency, one-time use items) or durables (items, levels, etc.)? And exactly how ‘in-app’ does the IAP need to be for you?” Thanks!

It is good to see that Microsoft answers to our WPDev-Feedback. Please keep up on commenting on the above Topics, as they are most essential to succeed the Windows Phone Platform!

To close this post, I suggest you to vote also for the following topic:

Text to Speech Capability for Marketplace apps (TellMe access or APIs):  With Apple´s Siri now on their new device, we need this API as fast as possible to create a really different UX on Windows Phone – even within the apps.

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Microsoft wants your Feedback on WindowsPhone – Developer and User!

Microsoft wants your Feedback on WindowsPhone – Developer and User!


With the release of Windows Phone Mango Microsoft issued also two new Feedback programs.

First I want to have al look on the developer-part:

Microsoft created a userchoice.com-site for developers, which can be found here. Recently they extended the page with an dedicated app for Windows Phone.

Here are some shots:

Screen Capture (13)  Screen Capture (14)  Screen Capture (16)  Screen Capture (20)  Screen Capture (24)  Screen Capture (22)

You can vote for an existing topic or create a new one. For every topic you can give up to 3 votes, with a summary maximum of 10. There is a description which can be added to a topic. Also you can add your own comment on the topic. Check the shots below:

Screen Capture (26)  Screen Capture (28)  Screen Capture (30)

So if you are a developer, head over to the marketplace and download this app to give feedback to Microsoft.

Let´s have a look at the consumer part of the feedback program:

Here you can have a look on the page for the consumer feedback. The App for consumer looks very similar to the developer feedback app, as you can see on this shots:

Screen Capture (15)  Screen Capture (19)  Screen Capture (23)Screen Capture (25)  Screen Capture (27)  Screen Capture (34)

Of course there is the same functionality for a topic as in the developer version: Give up to 3 votes for a topic, read or add a description as well as leave a comment:

Screen Capture (10)  Screen Capture (11)  Screen Capture (12)

So if you want to tell Microsoft what you want to have on your OS, head over to the marketplace an download the app right now.

There are some topics which are flagged with “started” on both the developer as well as the consumer feedback program. It seems really Microsoft hears to its customers.

Please provide feedback, only with this Microsoft will deliver those features we are waiting for!

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Homebrew App: Battery Status 4.0 for WindowsPhone

Homebrew App: Battery Status 4.0 for WindowsPhone

Screen Capture (18)

Today I want to write about one of the Homebrew Apps, Battery Status. The app can be downloaded here at XDA.

Once you downloaded the app, you have to deploy it with a deploying tool. I am using the standard deployment tool, as I have only a few homebrew apps at the moment.


Once you deployed the app, you have to pin it to your start screen.

With the latest version 4.0 of this app, you will get the following features:

  • Live Tiles (both front and backside)
  • Log: Shows you the drain of your battery
  • Log: Shows the voltage of your battery
  • 15 languages
  • process view, shows running processes as well as memory usage
  • you can tell the tile to update every 10 or ever 30 minutes
  • No interop unlock required!

Here are some screenshots I made:

Screen Capture (17)     Screen Capture (14)Screen Capture (15)     Screen Capture (16)

If you used an older version, you have to uninstall this first. Head over to XDA an download today!

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