HTC Titan vs. Nokia Lumia 800

HTC Titan vs. Nokia Lumia 800


Today I am going to compare the HTC Titan to the Nokia Lumia 800.


The HTC Titan spots a 4,7 inch display, while the Nokia Lumia has a one inch smaller display. The Titan has a clear SLCD display, while the Lumia has an AMOLED display. Here you can see the difference (brightness on both devices is set to automatic):


The Lumia´s color are more powerful due to the AMOLED technology. Personally, I think the calibration has too much of red in it. This makes me feel the HTC display is more natural in color.


Well, let´s go ahead. Typing on Titan is really easy and fast, with nearly no wrong taps on the keyboard. Typing on Lumia is also easy, I was impressed that I was able to use it nearly as fast as the Titan.



Both devices have an 8 MP camera. I know that MP is not all, but in a comparison it still has to tell something. Also both devices come with a F2.2 lens. Nokia has the clear advantage of a Carl Zeiss lens on the hardware side. Carl Zeiss is a German manufacturer which is specialized on optical hardware.



If you compare the two images, you will recognize that the Lumia´s color are not as powerful as the Titan ones. In my opinion the Titan´s Image looks a little better than the Lumia´s. Both Images are taken with flash. The quality of both cameras is really good for smartphone cameras. So here I will stop with a draw for both devices.


Both the Titan as well as the Lumia are fast devices. In daily use, I did not recognize any problems or difference between them. In this case, let us have a look on the numbers (WP Bench):


As you can see, the Titan has a little better result than the Lumia. The difference is so small, you won´t even check this in daily use.


The Titans speaker is on the back, while the Lumia´s is on the bottom of the device. Both speakers have a good sound, while the Lumia´s has a bit weak loudness. The Titan has also a sound optimizer, while the Lumia does not have this. I am sure Nokia will bring any sound optimization in future. For now, plus goes to the Titan.


Until now, both devices seem to be a good decision. But as OEM´s, both Nokia and HTC are trying to differentiate from others.

Nokia has its own Navigation System, Nokia Drive and Nokia Music as well as Nokia Maps (last one will be a paid app on other OEM devices). It has no front camera and no gyroscope. We were told that there is also a Nokia section in the marketplace. Well, at least in Germany with o2-sold devices there is no Nokia section. You have to search the Marketplace manually.

HTC has a own Marketplace section, with tools and gadgets you will find useful (for example a torch-app). The Titan also has a front camera for video calls as well as a gyroscope.


Both devices are really good smartphones. If you want to have a good, well priced device, I recommend for sure the Nokia Lumia 800.

As I am an enthusiastic user and also developer, my decision is the HTC Titan. You will get an future secure device, which has all possibilities a modern smartphone needs.

Thanks for your attention and feel free to leave a comment below.

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[Review] Tango for Windows Phone (Update 2)

[Review] Tango for Windows Phone (Update 2)

Screen Capture

Today I want to talk about the Tango video chat service for Windows Phone.

You can download the app here in the marketplace.

Update 2: HTC launched their own, localized version of Tango. If you have a Titan or a Radar, head over to the marketplace.

When you start the app, you will be asked to register a free account on Tango:Screen Capture (11)

Once you have done this, your contacts using also Tango (no matter on which platform) will be added to your tango contacts app. Like on Whatsapp, you can send a SMS or E-Mail to your contacts to invite them using Tango.

To start a new call, click on the name of who you want to call. Once the connection is established, you have to click on the video symbol to start the video call. You are able to use both cameras of you device. Standard is of course the front facing camera. You can switch also to the back camera. This might be helpful if you want to show your wife something while you make your household shopping. (This was the first thing my wife mentioned to me…)

WP_000132 (7)

WP_000133 (7)

When someone calls you, you will get a toast notification on your phone:WP_000131 (7)

On clicking the notification the app opens up and you will get a phone ringing screen:

Screen Capture (7)

Missed calls are signaled by a number on the live tile. Within the app, you have also a recent calls list, where you can check who called you.

Screen Capture (2)

I tried Tango between HTC Titan and Radar, both on Wi-Fi as well as an 3G-connection, where it worked well with video. On 2G however it is almost not usable – the app shows you a warning that the quality might be bad for a low bandwidth.

The first video chat service on Windows Phone is really easy to use.

The app will soon be available on the marketplace.

As soon as Skype is launched, I will write a comparison of the two services. Until then I enjoy Tango.

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HTC HD7 vs. Radar vs. Titan (in the sun comparison)

HTC HD7 vs. Radar vs. Titan (in the sun comparison)

This week we saw how amazing the Nokia Lumia 800 Display survives under the sun. (if you missed it, click here.

As I don´t have a Nokia Lumia 800 yet, I decided to compare an HD7 with a Radar and a Titan.

First I made screenshots from HD7´s and Titan´s start screen to check if there is a difference. I hardly see a difference.

Screen Capture (16)Screen Capture

So, my second step was to take two different photos on each Device. One from the sun with some veil of clouds in front, and one of a garden.

HD7WP_000126 (7)


TitanWP_000126 (7)

Ok, it is no surprise that the Titan´s picture is the best as it has the best camera of the three devices. The Titan took also the most original colors on both motives. The Radar takes better picture than the HD7, but not as good as the Titan.

At least I compared the screen within the sun light. The screen brightness is set to automatic on all devices.


As you can see, the Radar display is still readable, while the HD7´s display is near to not visible. The Titan´s display most readable. I used two different angles to see how the HD7´s display will respond to the others, but this makes no difference in reading.

So we have a clear winner here: the HTC Titan. The Radar is only little behind, while the HD7 is far from the two Mango phones.

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o2 Germany is committed to the Nokia Lumia 800



Good news from o2 Germany. As stated today in an official press release, the first Nokia Windows Phone will be available at November, 15th.

The Lumia 800 will be available at a price of 481 euros, which is a good price in my opinion.

Read the official press release below:

“As of November 15, 2011 the first Nokia Windows phone will be available at O2. Customers can purchase the Nokia Lumia 800 via O2 My Handy for a down payment of 1 euro and 24 monthly payments of 20 euros. The overall price is 481 euros.

The Nokia Lumia 800 delights not only with its conspicuously elegant design but also with a solid social media and internet performance granting fast access to social networks. The new Nokia device also offers easy grouping of contacts, integrated communication threading and Internet Explorer 9.

“The design impressed me most as well as the simple usage”, says René Schuster, CEO at Telefónica Germany. “The Nokia Lumia 800 will inspire the market. We are happy to offer this smartphone with attractive conditions in our portfolio.”

Suitable data plans are available in O2 Shops, online on o2.de and through the hotline. Trade-in options allow customers to replace their old mobile phone in the shop and save additionally.”

Source: o2

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All leaked Nokia WindowsPhone Pics from today [updated]

All leaked Nokia WindowsPhone Pics from today [updated]

Tomorrow Nokia is expected to unveil their Windows Phone devices. As natural, today there were several leaks of pictures.

I threw them all together, the articles can be read by the source links. I will not comment on the specs, as the images as well as the specs are still rumors.

One thing is for sure, I am curious about tomorrow, when Nokia will finally unveil their Windows Phones.

The first 2 hours of the live event will be streamed here.

First Leak is the Nokia 900, which seems to be a the top model. There was no announcement.

Nokia 900 2Nokia 900 3

Source: thenokiablog.com

Second leak is from Nokia Lumia 800, formerly known as the Searay:


Source: engadget

The Next Web not only shows pic´s of a pink Nokia Lumia 800, but also some benchmarks:

2011 10 24 17031 Nokias upcoming Lumia 800 Windows Phone photographed and benchmarked

Source: The Next Web

And last but not least here are the leaked images of the Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 posted by Winrumors:

Source: winrumors.com

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Update on Matketplace Downtime

As I posted earlier there is a problem with the marketplace.

It seems that it has been cleared up a little.

On phone-support, they told me that they are installing updates. In twitter the support doesn’t know about these…

I tested installing my app updates. Afterwards I wanted to buy an app. This hasn’t worked for me. Downloading the demo of the app was possible.

So hang on for further updates.


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