Tap+Send: The Love Story of 2 NFC Devices


Innovation in technology is hit and miss for a number of reasons. To prognosticate what advances in technology will be accepted by the general public is by no means, an exact science. There’s a constant barrage of new expensive toys with exclusive features that are “sure” to turn the world upside down, only to hit the market and fade into oblivion as a “niche market” concept. There are more than a handful of these types of advancements in the devices we all use on a day-to-day basis now, regardless of preferred OS. Yet for all intent and purpose, most don’t get utilized because of a lack of end users with similar features. NFC is one of those exclusive features and having 2 devices with it, I’ll explain why I see this being a feature that is here to stay.


I won’t spend much time explaining NFC as most of you know about it. Quickly, NFC(near field communication) is a set of standards for devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity. Up to this point, most of the NFC ado has been made about NFC tags and the Qi wireless charging capabilities with our Windows Phone 8’s: Charging plates, charging stands, phone covers with Qi, the JBL PowerUp speaker that can charge your device while playing. Being such a new innovation in smartphones, there are limited accessories to aid in this new technology, even HTC used JBL’s speaker for Nokia to advertise its most recent Android device. In addition to the lack of accessories currently available for NFC enabled devices, there are a lack of end users who actually own a NFC enabled device. NFC is about sharing and if you have no one to share with, it becomes one of those “niche market” features fading into the past, full potential never being realized.


My wife and I both have Nokia Lumia 920’s which has led to a unique experience among smartphone users, being able to utilize many aspects of the NFC’s features and that is what I’ll focus on now. One of the drawbacks to WP7 was the inability to share via Bluetooth. This was remedied in Windows Phone 8 allowing for the next evolutionary stage is sharing photos, videos, songs, documents, contacts, or websites…via NFC. No more waiting while you tried to get your Bluetooth to find the other incompatible device right next to you, no more waiting for the other person to email you with that important file or pic even though they’re standing next to you, no more waiting for file to download when opening your email, no…things have changed. Tap your phone and give or get that info now in a fun and engaging manner! I am beginning to see the Tap and Share feature as perhaps the most innovative feature with the largest amount of potential to the end-user. Of course like most new technologies this is assuming it can make it onto enough devices and into enough hands, driving the hardware cost down and finding its way onto lower cost devices for the masses to use. Without “the masses”, NFC, aside from wireless charging, losses its luster. In some sense, I’m actually rooting for HTC and Samsung to have some success with their Android devices utilizing NFC, the better they do, the better results all OS’s with this feature will do. Again, NFC’s success really does rely upon the masses.


My wife and I use the Tap+Send feature frequently. We’re constantly sharing pictures and with Tap+Send, it’s always much faster and a sure bet the recipient gets the file! I’ve found that we’re both more likely to share pics when it’s as simple as Tap+Send. Send 1 or send multiple, it doesn’t matter. Honestly, I’m finding myself impatient now when I know someone is sending me a file and I have to wait for it to arrive in my inbox and still have to download it! Another added benefit to sharing your pics or videos via NFC is the data aspect. I avoid having to use up my allotted data both with my carrier and at home on WiFi, for those of you with shared family plans or have data limits because of satellite internet, you understand.


A close 2nd in utilization when it comes to Tap+Send: App Sharing, we do this at least once a day! As many of you know sharing apps via your WP8 was made easier by Microsoft when they gave us the ability to share it directly from the app side of your device. By pressing and holding an app, “Share” is now listed as on option and even better…you can do it via Tap+Send! Lightning fast access to the app’s direct link in the Windows Phone Store! Again, no waiting for it to show up in your inbox, it’s just there! I actually transferred all my apps this way when switching over from my old 920 to my new 920 to see how arduous it was. I’ve used App Reinstaller and it can take quite a long time to auto-populate your entire app history. I was blown away at how fast I was able to get my new 920 up and running with all my old apps!


We also share music via Tap+Send. I’m going to start by saying that neither of us has a music pass of any sort. When we see something we like we purchase it, so I’m not sure how sharing music on a pass will work. My experience with music and Tap+Share has been sending and receiving music from my computer or music purchased from Zune and Xbox Music, all which has transferred and played without a hitch! It’s a relatively quick process, taking about 30 seconds from share to play!


My wife and I have busy schedules between our marriage, kids, friends, activities, and work. We have many people who are friends in common and some aren’t for one reason or another, thus our people hubs are similar but not an exact match. There are many apps that help share contacts and WP does a pretty good job at giving you ways to share contacts as well, however none come close to the efficiency and speed with which you can do it when shared using Tap+Share! 2 taps and a phone “high-five” and the info is waiting to be saved.


The last way I’ll look at is actually tied into the “Gold Mine” Microsoft sees in enterprise, sharing your documents via Tap+Send. The ways I’ve talked about using Tap+Send have been for the average user, but we all know that Microsoft is targeting businesses globally with WP8. The ability to share documents as simply as touching phones can be a game changer. Running late and can’t wait for that file to get to your inbox…need it now…phone “high five” and off you go! Not a gimmick, time is money and that makes dollars and sense!

I hope in time that we’ll see more and more devices showing up on the market NFC enabled at every level of phone: high, mid, and low range. This will take time but it’s time well worth it. When I stop and think back 2 years ago, I think about my Windows Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2, it could share via Bluetooth but it was a disaster of a process to get it to pair or be paired with not to mention the inability to retrieve most of the files types being sent! Our beloved Windows Phone has come a million miles from its predecessor, not without bumps in the road. Without those bumps though, many would forget all the amazing feats accomplished and adversity Microsoft/Windows Phone has managed to overcome!

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Editorial: Windows Phone 7 is not dead!

Editorial: Windows Phone 7 is not dead!


We all know that Windows Phone 8 was launched a few weeks ago. And with that launch, there came up far to much voices that want to tell us that Windows Phone 7 is dead. It is not, and I am going to tell you why.

Microsoft is still providing support for Windows Phone 7. The marketplace recently expanded to 42 new countries, for example. And their blog title was “reach more customers with 7.8”. So you can bet there will be more countries that will get still Windows Phone 7 devices (for example the Lumia 510, which is a very low cost device).

Nokia stated support for current Lumia devices, also beyond Windows Phone 7.8. Nokia is constantly launching new Lumia exclusives, and most of them are able to run on current WP7 devices. The other OEMs did not support Windows Phone 7 in recent months, and this will continue as far as we can say today.

Sure, we, the power users, are waiting for the update to 7.8 and which new features we will get. It is very clear that it will not be a similar update like Windows Phone 8, but there will come some new features to Windows Phone 7 (at least there are some rumors about it).

And there is one thing I really do not understand. We are using Windows Phone 7 for month, some of us even for years. Yeah, there is a new version. And now it is bad? What about the experience we had and still are able to have?

Windows Phone 7 was the ground stone for something epic that happened with Microsoft. And of course Microsoft has to put some evolution magic to it – the results are Windows 8, the new Xbox Dashboard, Windows Phone 8 and of course all the Metro styled web services. But there are still enough users out there that are happy with Windows Phone 7. And I am one of them.

Of course, Windows Phone 8 seems to be pure awesomeness, but I do not have a device with it yet. And the upcoming update to Windows Phone 7.8 is delayed (if we could call it that way) until Q1 of 2013. That does not mean I can’t use my Windows Phone right now, and it also does  not mean I can’t develop apps for Windows Phone right now. In fact, I am doing both right now – and I am happy because it is still the best OS that my smartphone can run. And it still does what it can do better than any other phone OS: put people first.

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The WinPhan is joining msicc.net!

Well, I’m back. Some of you know me from Twitter, Facebook, and various WP news blog sites as WinPhan7. For those that don’t know me, nice to meet you. I’ve evolved slightly, I now go by a more encompassing title: The WinPhan, but you can also call me Sean. I’m not a developer, although I am interested in learning the trade. In all honesty, I use a chainsaw in the woods for a living…but MAN, do I love technology! More than that, I admire what Microsoft is doing to innovate technology!

I’m not going to make my first post too long, as you read more of my articles you’ll see I can be long winded on my soapbox. So here’s a little about myself and my love for Microsoft. I’ve never been a fan of Apple, their proprietary malarkey, the way they take advantage of their faithful consumer base, or their iPoop products! I have even more disdain for Google, their horrid mess of a mobile OS, their antics, and their dishonest ways! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Microsoft can walk on water. They’ve made some not so popular decisions, but speaking in terms of the past few years it’s my honest opinion that you would be hard pressed to find ANY company in ANY industry that has matched the innovation and positive movement that Microsoft has. With the release of Windows 8 and all that it encompasses, it’s a work of absolute beauty to me.

I’m married and have 2 out of our 4 kids still living at home so we have many Microsoft products. Currently we have the Xbox360, 9 Windows Phones(2 HTC 7 Pros, 2 HTC Titans, 1 Samsung Focus S, 2 Nokia Lumia 900’s, and 2 Nokia Lumia 920), 3 laptops(Acer Aspire with Windows 7, HP G72 with Windows 7, and my little HP Pavilion g6 is now running Windows 8), and a Zune HD. We even have a couple desktops and a couple Windows Mobile Phones sitting around, suffice to say, we are a Microsoft home.

The Windows Phone experience is what turned it all into a real passion for me though, yes even pre-Mango was a beautiful experience for me. It all just made sense, what it was, what was soon coming, and what needed to be done in the future. Here I sit now able to enjoy my Lumia 920 running WP8 and think a couple years back to the moment when the sales person tried to talk me into an Android as opposed to the little giant HTC 7 Pro. Best tech decision I ever made was right then! I’m blown away by the support Windows Phone offers, I’m blown away at how dedicated our dev community is, and I’m blow away by how unified and interactive our WinPhan community is! Like many of the readers here, I’m proud to have been part of Microsoft’s ground movement from the beginning, I’m a proud WinPhan!

I ‘ve got lots to say but I’ll save that for future posts. I’ll be writing more consistently now that winter nears and I find myself indoors a lot more. Thanks for reading and you can catch me on Twitter: @TheWinPhan



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(Updated) What´s wrong with the Me tile on Windows Phone?

(Updated) What´s wrong with the Me tile on Windows Phone?

Screen Capture (82)

Over the last few weeks the Me tile on our Windows Phones is showing a strange behavior.

As usual, we get notified in the way you can see above. What are we doing then? Right, we are going into the “notification” tab and check what´s going on.

Screen Capture (84)

Normally, the notification on the tile are going away and we will see our profile image switching around. But this does not work anymore. The notifications are  still remaining.

I have tested this on three devices with three different Live-IDs:

  • HTC Titan, OS version .8107
  • HTC Radar, OS version .8107
  • Nokia Lumia 800, OS version .8107

All three devices have regional settings for Germany.

Only if we get another notification and read them, the notification goes away. But here is the next strangeness: only Twitter mentions can clear up Twitter notifications, and only Facebook news can clear up Facebook notifications.

Re-adding the accounts does not solve this problem.

Maybe it has to do something with the recent switch from Live-ID to Microsoft-ID since the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released. I will track this and keep you informed.

Did you experience the same issues on your Windows Phone´s Me tile? If so, please leave a comment below with your phone model, your OS version and your region. I will shot this article at the Windows Phone Support team, as I did before with the article about tweets not showing up on Twitter..

Update 1:

Windows Phone Support has looked into the problem. It seems the problem is solved for the moment. I tried also to get mor information, but sadly the support team does not share a lot of information. I will track this over the next few days and keep you informed.


If you still have this issues, I recommend you to contact @WinPhoneSupport. Alternatively leave a comment below, I will shot them a message.

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Windows Phone Marketplace expands to 13 new countries

Windows Phone Marketplace expands to 13 new countries


The Windows Phone Marketplace is now available to 13 additional countries.

With this new countries, the Marketplace is available now in 54 countries.

The new places are:

  • Bulgaria
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Estonia
  • Iceland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela

But this is still not all. Microsoft is set to bring the Windows Phone Marketplace to more countries this year, as they announced at this years Mobile World Congress (UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Israel, Thailand, and Vietnam).

Microsoft also states that the Marketplace regions may not be visible immediately. As we all know, rolling out changes to the Marketplace takes up to 48 hours. The additional regions will also be added to the Web Marketplace.

If you live in the above mentioned countries and want to change your Marketplace region to your local region, here is a how-to for changing it from Mirocosft.

For developers:

If you are a Windows Phone developer, you can expand your app availability to the new marketplace. You have to “cross-submit” your apps to the new marketplaces. If you haven´t done this before, check this nice tutorial from Microsoft to learn more about it.

source: Windows Phone Blog

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Path is coming to Windows Phone, CEO got compliments for the OS

Path is coming to Windows Phone, CEO got compliments for the OS

path-screenshotYesterday WMPoweruser discovered another company is choosing Windows Phone for their app besides iOS and Android.

The mobile social network Path is coming to Windows Phone, and Path´s CEO Dave Morin also got some compliments for our preferred mobile OS. What makes this something special is the fact that he formerly was an Apple employee, who has started his own business.

You can read my full post on 1800PocketPC.com.

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Audible app for Windows Phone caught on video

Audible app for Windows Phone caught on video


If you have a lot of colleagues like me which are all having the phone with the “i” in front and its baked in Audible support in iTunes, you cannot wait until it is finally released. You often hear from them that a cool audio book is on sale on audible. Perfectly to enjoy while you are sitting on the train (I spend more than 2 hours on train daily). So good to hear that Audible in fact is supporting Windows Phone.

Read the full article at 1800PocketPC.com

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Nokia is number one Windows Phone manufacturer

Nokia is number one Windows Phone manufacturer


Nokia has recently climbed up to the number 1 Windows Phone OEM.

Nokia´s vice-president of Nokia Middle East, offered this hot news to Gulf News:

“Our strategy is working. When we formed an alliance last year with Microsoft our intention was to regain lost share. After one year, it is still working. We are the number one Windows phone in volume in the world. Our momentum is accelerating.”

Read the full article at 1800PocketPC.com.

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Announcement: Writing WP7-News for 1800PocketPC.com

Announcement: Writing WP7-News for 1800PocketPC.com


Yesterday Saijo George, owner of 1800PocketPC.com,  asked me to join the team. As I love this site, of course I accepted the offer.

How will this affect my blog?

Well, on some entries in Windows Phone category,  you will find a short version of the post, for reading the whole article you will be redirected to my post at 1800PocketPC.

It is a huge step for me, so I hope you all understand this move.

I will still run this blog, as I cover Windows Phone news for 1800PocketPC, and my Blog is all about Microsoft.

You can read my introduction post on 1800PocketPC.com.

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