Microsoft lures developers with million deal

Microsoft lures developers with million deal


Microsoft and Nokia are teaming up again to push the Windows Phone OS. This time it is all about developers.

Over the next three years, both companies are investing the amount of 18 million euros into a newly founded developer program.

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WiFi-Tethering coming at the end of march to Lumia 800?

WiFi-Tethering coming at the end of march to Lumia 800?


One of the clearly missing functions on the current Lumia 800 handsets is the ability to share the internet connection. Nokia although confirmed at this year´s Mobile World Congress they will bring this function on all Lumia 800s.

This is very important to a lot of people. An example: if you have to go by train to work and it takes a good amount of time, you can use this time to be “productive”.

This could change in near future, according to the Italian Windows Phone news site

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Nokia is number one Windows Phone manufacturer

Nokia is number one Windows Phone manufacturer


Nokia has recently climbed up to the number 1 Windows Phone OEM.

Nokia´s vice-president of Nokia Middle East, offered this hot news to Gulf News:

“Our strategy is working. When we formed an alliance last year with Microsoft our intention was to regain lost share. After one year, it is still working. We are the number one Windows phone in volume in the world. Our momentum is accelerating.”

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Nokia Lumia 610 will get two additional cover colors and will launch as prepaid-bundle

Nokia Lumia 610 will get two additional cover colors and will launch as prepaid-bundle


The German Windows Phone news page recently posted an article about the Lumia 610.

The Lumia 610 is supposed to launch as prepaid-bundle-device. This might mean some restrictions, as these devices are often delivered SIM- or net-locked. More details on this are not available at the moment.

To achieve their goal to reach out to as  many  young people as possible, Nokia will threat two additional colors to their 610 product line. These colors are orange and purple.

Nokia wants their new Lumia 610 to be “hip and flip”, as the said on a blogger meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany. Launch of this device will be in May this year.

It is also said that the Lumia 610 will be delivered with Mango, and will get an update to the Mango refresh (read here more about it).

So I am curios about how this will end, but as a father with a son who wants a Windows Phone device to own (he is playing a lot with my phone), I really do not have a problem to buy it as prepaid-bundle. Only thing I hope it will be a net-lock on my carrier, not a SIM-lock.

Also with only a net-lock there is the possibility to buy it as a bundle and use your mobile contract SIM in it.

As soon as I get new information about this, I will update this post.

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Bing and Nokia Maps – finally unified

Last year Microsoft and Nokia announced their strategic partnership. One point of this partnership is also their maps.

Bing and Nokia Maps designers have been working hard to offer an unique experience to us. Yesterday, both posted about the result of this work.

The new Maps will be available through web version as well as on Windows Phone.

New color palette for road map style

Bing and Nokia updated both their coloring of the maps, which leads to a more streamlined look. It is now easier to interpret roads on the map, as shown here:


Typography and Visual Hierarchy

With updated fonts, a new structure on labels more based on zoom levels, Bing and Nokia are providing a more clear readability as well as usability. Only information which is necessary and sense-full will be provided. Both learned that to much information creates an overload, which cuts deep into the user experience.

New Bing Maps also on Windows Phone

Also on Windows Phone the changes will be applied. Look at these two shots to compare the old map style and the new one.

Nokia-Maps-on-Nokia-Lumia-Old-Design                      Nokia-Maps-on-Nokia-Lumia-New-Design

Bing Maps has grown mapping coverage to a bunch of new countries, like Egypt, Israel, Malta, Philippines, Uruguay and Venezuela.

It´s good to see another fruit of the strategic partnership between Microsoft and Nokia.

You can read the full post over at Bing´s Blog as well as on Nokia´s Blog.

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(Updated) Hardware–OEMs: where is the love for WindowsPhone (MWC12)?


Yesterday, on Day 0 of the Mobile World Congress, there were already a few conferences from hardware manufacturers. It seems that their love for Windows Phone still has to be set on fire.

  • Sony introduced only their new XPERIA Android phones. No Windows Phone, also if this was rumored before. It does also make no sense that Sony will jump of the train, because with XBOX Live there will be a direct competitor in console market on a Phone from Sony. So this is certainly no surprise.
  • Huawei has also not announced any new Windows Phone, only Android.
  • no LG Windows Phone announcement…
  • HTC has unveiled their new brand series “HTC One”, an Android series. But there is also something positive to say. First, there will be an international launch of the HTC Titan II (HTC´s first LTE Windows Phone, actually to be launched on AT&T). Second, HTC is waiting for Windows Phone Apollo, which is due later this year, to launch new Windows Phones (read more here). So almost a bit of Windows Phone love from HTC.
  • Nokia will be keynoting their new devices today, at 8.30 (Central European Time). You can watch their announcements here:

So there is only a little about Windows Phone from the hardware OEMs. But there will also be a Microsoft keynote about Windows Phone, it may be the place to announce new devices, along the announcement for Windows Phone Tango. As the MWC has not started officially, there is still room for plenty of good news for us.

Update 1: Samsung is waiting for Windows Phone 8 to launch new devices

Also with not launching new devices on MWC this year, Samsung is still committed to the Windows Phone OS. Like HTC, also Samsung is waiting for Windows Phone Apollo. The decision was made, as Samsung also plans a bunch of Windows 8 tablet devices, to get the most out of the experience on both tablet and phone.


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(Updated) Ok, here is some WindowsPhone love! (MWC12)


As I mentioned earlier today, there was not much love for Windows Phone yesterday.

Today, on Nokia´s event, we were shown up 2 new Windows Phones: one was a world version of the Lumia 900, and the other was the lower spec’d Lumia 610.


Here are some of the important specs:

  • Windows Phone  7.5
  • 3.7 inch TFT-display with Corning® Gorilla® Glass
  • device size: 119 x 62.2 x 11.95 mm
  • all major Windows Phone keys
  • Quad Band GSM and WDCMA (3G)
  • 800 MHz single core CPU
  • 256 MB RAM
  • A-GPS, GPS
  • 5 MP camera with an aperture of 2.2
  • 8 GB storage

The world version of the Lumia 900 will be an changed version without an LTE-chip. It will be released with a high spec’d HSPA-chip, which is standard here in Europe.



Also ZTE is launching a lower spec’d Windows Phone, which is called the ZTE Orbit. It seems to have similar specs to the Lumia 610, and will come in Q2 2012. Differences seem to be in storage, where it is said to have only an amount of 4 GB.

Update 1: specs of the ZTE Orbit

As promissed, as soon as I get some more information about the specs, I will update my post. So here are the specs of the ZTE Orbit:

  • European TriBand (900,1800,2100)
  • HSDPA up to 7,2 MBit/s
  • Qualcomm MSM7227A-1 CPU
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 4 GB user storage
  • 4 inch TFT-display
  • 5 MP camera
  • GPS
  • Wifi b/g/n
  • Blutetooth
  • DLNA
  • hardware NFC
  • Dual Mic
  • FM Radio

Unlike the Lumia 610 it has no frontcamera. So I guess this will be the cheapest modell of coming Windows Phones. Until now there is still no pricing, but the using of  the  MSM7227A-1 suggest a very moderate price under 200 Euro.

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German TV shows Windows Phones in report about LTE

German TV shows Windows Phones in report about LTE


German TV show “Galileo” recently sent a report about LTE and how it will change our live while using the internet on the go. For us techies this seems rather unspectacular, as we all now how LTE works, right?

What makes the thing a little more interesting is the fact that they used Windows Phones besides the meanwhile typically used Droids.

So it seems also here in Germany Windows Phone gains some more attention, and is accepted as the “third” ecosystem.

What´s also interesting is they are showing a Nokia Lumia 710 (or a-look-alike) in this video. Well, I do not want to interpret that much into it, but it is still interesting.

The second device shown is the HTC Titan II, which was named to be released in the near future. They did not say only in the US, so there might be hope for a release to the rest of the world…


So I am curios of what is coming to us, as well from the LTE-part as from the phone part. Maybe after the MWC this month we all know more.

If you know the german language, here you can watch the whole video.

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HTC Titan vs. Nokia Lumia 800

HTC Titan vs. Nokia Lumia 800


Today I am going to compare the HTC Titan to the Nokia Lumia 800.


The HTC Titan spots a 4,7 inch display, while the Nokia Lumia has a one inch smaller display. The Titan has a clear SLCD display, while the Lumia has an AMOLED display. Here you can see the difference (brightness on both devices is set to automatic):


The Lumia´s color are more powerful due to the AMOLED technology. Personally, I think the calibration has too much of red in it. This makes me feel the HTC display is more natural in color.


Well, let´s go ahead. Typing on Titan is really easy and fast, with nearly no wrong taps on the keyboard. Typing on Lumia is also easy, I was impressed that I was able to use it nearly as fast as the Titan.



Both devices have an 8 MP camera. I know that MP is not all, but in a comparison it still has to tell something. Also both devices come with a F2.2 lens. Nokia has the clear advantage of a Carl Zeiss lens on the hardware side. Carl Zeiss is a German manufacturer which is specialized on optical hardware.



If you compare the two images, you will recognize that the Lumia´s color are not as powerful as the Titan ones. In my opinion the Titan´s Image looks a little better than the Lumia´s. Both Images are taken with flash. The quality of both cameras is really good for smartphone cameras. So here I will stop with a draw for both devices.


Both the Titan as well as the Lumia are fast devices. In daily use, I did not recognize any problems or difference between them. In this case, let us have a look on the numbers (WP Bench):


As you can see, the Titan has a little better result than the Lumia. The difference is so small, you won´t even check this in daily use.


The Titans speaker is on the back, while the Lumia´s is on the bottom of the device. Both speakers have a good sound, while the Lumia´s has a bit weak loudness. The Titan has also a sound optimizer, while the Lumia does not have this. I am sure Nokia will bring any sound optimization in future. For now, plus goes to the Titan.


Until now, both devices seem to be a good decision. But as OEM´s, both Nokia and HTC are trying to differentiate from others.

Nokia has its own Navigation System, Nokia Drive and Nokia Music as well as Nokia Maps (last one will be a paid app on other OEM devices). It has no front camera and no gyroscope. We were told that there is also a Nokia section in the marketplace. Well, at least in Germany with o2-sold devices there is no Nokia section. You have to search the Marketplace manually.

HTC has a own Marketplace section, with tools and gadgets you will find useful (for example a torch-app). The Titan also has a front camera for video calls as well as a gyroscope.


Both devices are really good smartphones. If you want to have a good, well priced device, I recommend for sure the Nokia Lumia 800.

As I am an enthusiastic user and also developer, my decision is the HTC Titan. You will get an future secure device, which has all possibilities a modern smartphone needs.

Thanks for your attention and feel free to leave a comment below.

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