Microsoft announces official Windows 8 edition names


In a recent blog post Microsoft informed us about the upcoming Windows 8 versions.

Windows 8

is the official product name for  the next x86/64 editions of Windows. So it is not a codename any more. The improvements are wide ranged: from an fast and fluid user experience to the ability to instantly switch languages, an updated Windows Explorer, better Task Manager as well as a much better multi-monitor support. And of course apps, apps and apps.

Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro are available to all x86 powered systems (both tablet and PC´s, 32 and 64 bit).

Windows on ARM is now Windows RT

Windows RT will only be delivered pre-installed on PC´s and tablets powered by ARM processors. The ARM processors will allow huge improvements in form factors, while maintaining an even more huge battery life than we know before from PCs/tablets with Windows. With every Windows RT you will get also Microsoft Office in form of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, similar to Windows Phone. Another unique feature will be device encryption – a feature much business users have asked for.

Microsoft is continuing with their 3-screens-one-experience strategy, and adds unique features to every version. This is a good way in my eyes.

Now I am curious about E3 and a possible Xbox-Dashboard improvement as well as Windows Phone Apollo. I sure will keep you informed.

source: Windows Team Blog


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Confirmed by job postings: Microsoft is bringing Skype to the Web and Windows 8


Last year Microsoft bought Skype. And Microsoft is continuing to bring their services on as many platforms as possible. has been tipped of a job posting from Microsoft. In this job posting, Microsoft searches for passionate, team-oriented and self motivated developers to help them bring Skype on to the web.

Aiming hundred millions of thankful users worldwide, Microsoft wants these developers to integrate existing Skype solution in web services. Soon we will be able to use Skype even without a client on nearly every device that has a browser.

The most interesting part is surely that the web version of Skype could be written in HTML5/JavaScript. That means also nearly all mobile Systems will support the web version also!

I found out that Microsoft is also searching for Windows 8 developers to bring Skype on their next operating system. Skype will also be written in HTML5 and JavaScript on Windows 8.

You can read the web job posting here and the Windows 8 job posting here.

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Metro style menu is coming to Microsoft´s Live web services

Metro style menu is coming to Microsoft´s Live web services

Recently leaked images of coming changes to Microsoft´s Live web services show us that the Metro style is coming to the web.

As I am hugely Metro addicted, I can´t wait until these changes go live. Sadly we still have to wait until the changes go live.

Let me first show you the changes in two screenshots:


On the image above you may notice that slim grey bar. If you click on this bar, a new menu opens:


As you can see, the menu looks very similar to the Windows 8 Metro style apps. The logo of each service is the same as on Windows 8.

Currently Microsoft is hiring a new UX Designer to make the web experience more seamlessly Metro integrated.

As I mentioned, I love the Metro UI and I cannot get enough of it. It is really good to see Microsoft is continuing its conversion on all services, to create a really unique user experience.

Of course I will keep you informed if any news regarding this pop up.


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Microsoft releases “a year in the like” to show your Facebook story

Recently Microsoft released a new site to show your Facebook story.


The site connects to Facebook, and allows you to show the last year with comments of your friends and family. Once all the data is collected, you can create a video and share it through Facebook and Twitter.

Here is a little walk through:

Once all comments are collected, you will see them waving on your screen:


At the bottom of this there is a timeline, where you can snap into specific times:


The color of the timeline depends on your profile image that you had set at that time. If you click on a comment, you will get a detailed view of the comments with the complete story behind:


Of course you can filter your view, to show only the comments of some friends. it is also possible to show your story related to only one person:


If you want to share your experience with your friends and family, you can create a little video:


There are two ways to create the video, the automatic one, that creates it with all your friends (even if you have unfriended them in the meantime), or with persons you choose by yourself.


The creation of the video takes some time. It shows your uploaded pictures/photos and related comments and takes two minutes. As this is a kind of a Facebook app, you can share this video on Facebook and even on Twitter.


This is a real funny way to recap a year of my Facebook story. Click here to create yours!

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Microsoft secures 800 patents from AOL

Microsoft secures 800 patents from AOL


Yesterday, Microsoft and AOL were announcing that both companies matched a deal about 800 patents.

For Microsoft it is worth to pay 1 billion US-Dollar for this patents. AOL has still a license to use the sold patents, to assure their business is going on.

The patent package is expected to contain a lot of patents with major importance to Microsoft:

  • mapping  patents
  • Netscape patents
  • advertising patents
  • search patents
  • content generation & management
  • social networking
  • multimedia and streaming technologies
  • security
  • other, not detailed  mentioned patents

These patents will help Microsoft to further improve their own businesses.

As you can see, most of the patents are related to online services. Microsoft is currently working on all their online services like Office 365, Microsoft Live (which has transformed from Windows Live) and Bing.

We can be sure, with these new patents in the back, we will see more new features on Microsoft´s online services  in future.

The conclusion of the deal is said to be by the end of 2012.

source: Techcrunch

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Internet Explorer is still leading

Internet Explorer is still leading

internet_explorer_9_wallpaper_by_mymicrosoftlife-d2yufnqMicrosoft´s Internet Explorer is winning users back. According to a recent analysis from US market researchers Net Applications, IE is the only browser with growing user numbers.

It seems that Microsoft´s recent marketing measures for their browser now are showing effects.

Internet Explorer has to fight a bad reputation in handling web standards. One of my colleagues is not getting tired to hold this in front of me. He is a web designer. Every time he designs a website, he has do design extra bits for IE. He did not install IE9 before because he thought it does not change. But the hugest update was to version 9.

Recently he got surprised with the built in IE10 of  the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. He was working on a project, did his design work. And it just worked in IE.

I used Firefox before, because on Internet Explorer 8 not all was working. Since the beta of IE9 I am constantly doing all my web things in Internet Explorer. And I do not miss anything. All is fine.

This must also be the experience a lot of users had since the launch of IE9. And the market share (at least for the sites which are covered for the analysis) is going up.

The new Internet Explorer is better than its reputation. Average people don’t need any third party browser any more.

My wife is such a average user. She is doing only a few things on the web: Facebook, YouTube and searching. Before the beta of IE9 she also used Firefox. After a few days of testing I installed IE9 on her  netbook. The first thing she asked me was why Facebook is now loading faster than before. I explained her the principle of hardware acceleration. And she loved it. Also Firefox had this. But it was slowing down her netbook. IE9 not. She is still using IE9 – and is satisfied.

No, I did not forget all the number freaks out there. Here are the statistics for you:


I want to close my post with one of my favorite TV ads. Sadly it is not sent in Germany, but this one describes best how it feels to use the Internet Explorer:


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Help Microsoft to improve voice control on your Xbox

Help Microsoft to improve voice control on your Xbox


Yesterday Microsoft released another Xbox app. It seems this app has been launched worldwide.

The app is named “Voice Studio”, and its goal is to improve the voice recognition and control of our Xbox.

Microsoft is rewarding you

Nice: Microsoft is rewarding you for your help with some Game Points. Check the achievements below:


A walk through the app:

Before we are starting our little tour, I have to say the text in the screens is German (as my Xbox´s default language is German). I will explain all screens to you, so please don’t mind this. First I want to show you the  startup screen:


After loading has finished, you have to choose between a new or an existing profile. If you (of course on the first start) make a new profile, you have to declare some details about your person:


The name of the player cannot be changed. This is a good move, as it keeps the results anonymous. You have to declare: age, gender, country, state and your own language. Second step is to tell the app something about the room: WP_000481

You have to declare: type of speakers, size of the room, which kind of room (in my case it is the living room) an which kind of flooring you have. Now your Xbox will do some sound tests based on the settings you made. Once this is done (about one minute), you will be able to choose one of the 8 text sets:


After choosing a category, Xbox tells you where your have to go to in your room to speak the test. During the whole test there are some background sounds. The app is now showing you some sentences and words you have to speak:


This sentence means: “crabs can achieve an age of three up to twelve years.” The red lights on the side are signalizing you, that your speech is recognized by the app. Once you finished all sets, your track will be saved. This takes some time:


Once the saving is done, your track will be uploaded to a Microsoft server:


Depending on you internet connection, this may take several time.

Now it is your turn!

The more users are helping with this little app, the more improvements can be done by Microsoft. So download the app, and help Microsoft by only speaking with your Xbox!

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Microsoft lures developers with million deal

Microsoft lures developers with million deal


Microsoft and Nokia are teaming up again to push the Windows Phone OS. This time it is all about developers.

Over the next three years, both companies are investing the amount of 18 million euros into a newly founded developer program.

Read my full post at

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Nokia is number one Windows Phone manufacturer

Nokia is number one Windows Phone manufacturer


Nokia has recently climbed up to the number 1 Windows Phone OEM.

Nokia´s vice-president of Nokia Middle East, offered this hot news to Gulf News:

“Our strategy is working. When we formed an alliance last year with Microsoft our intention was to regain lost share. After one year, it is still working. We are the number one Windows phone in volume in the world. Our momentum is accelerating.”

Read the full article at

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Microsoft shows up what surfing the web means with IE10 on W8CP

Microsoft shows up what surfing the web means with IE10 on W8CP

Screenshot (62)

Yesterday Microsoft posted some information about the recent changes of IE10 for the Windows 8 consumer preview.

The changes are made to give us an even better user experience while browsing the web.

Content first

What we get is a chrome-less browser, which concentrates on the content, not the app you are using. This is very Metro following. It may remind you  the experience on Windows Phone when browsing the web. As you can see, there is only the content, no bars, menus or anything else:

Screenshot (54)

Microsoft highlights several features in his blog post:

  • Navigation tiles. Tiles are helping you to find your pinned as well as frequent used sites. This feature shows up as soon as you begin typing in the adress bar.

IE10 NAvtiles

  • Tabs. Tabs are showing up when  swipe from the bottom of the screen (on touch), right click with the mouse or press Win + Z.

Screenshot (57)

  • The Metro  I0 10 is well integrated in all key Windows 8 features like the Charm bar, where you can use the search and the applications settings as well as the snapping feature:

Screenshot (61)

Microsoft summarizes all changes like this:

  • Full, independent composition enables responsive, fast and fluid behavior on real websites (including pages with fixed elements, nested scrolling regions, animations, and video)
  • Back and forward swipe navigation with preview
  • Double-tap to zoom in on content
  • Fast back and forward navigation controls for mouse
  • Mouse (CTRL+scroll wheel) and keyboard methods for quickly zooming in and out to mirror touch interactions
  • Automatic domain suggestions for faster navigation and less typing
  • Share charm support for URLs, snippets, images and selection with Mail and other apps
  • Search charm with visual search suggestions
  • Devices charm for printing, projecting, and playing video to external devices like TVs
  • Plug-in free support: notifications for sites requiring activeX
  • Background notifications for pinned sites and other tile improvements
  • Jumplists for pinned sites
  • InPrivate tabs that are easier to open
  • Clean up tabs command, which quickly closes all but current tab

No-compromise with Metro styled browsing

Microsoft these days often uses the phrase no-compromise to describe their features. IE 10 for Metro sure will give us a highly content driven experience, and is well integrated into Windows 8. I am looking forward to my first tablet or touch device to use the Metro IE 10 more for surfing.

You can read the whole post at the Building Windows 8  Blog.

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