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[Update] Important News: Internet Sharing on Windows Phone Mango

[Update] Important News: Internet Sharing on Windows Phone Mango


Microsoft´s Joe Belfiore today announced that Internet Sharing or Tethering will be supported on new Windows Phone handsets.


Many of us – especially those who are long-term WP7-users – may think that this is really bad for us. I am waiting also for this features, and told this to Mr. Belfiore:


Here is what he responded:


So let´s hope that all OEM´s will soon update their drivers…

[Update] According to the German Site, HTC will publish a firmware update by mid of October, which will enable the mobile Hotspot feature.  For Samsung devices exists a workaround to get the Internet Sharing activated – however this is no official way.

So it seems that almost HTC is caring about their existing devices. Good news so far.



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Windows Phone Web Marketplace – reinstall apps

This week Microsoft not only launched Mango, but also the long awaited Web Marketplace.

Here´s a complete walkthrough of reinstalling apps on web marketplace.

First, on your start page, go to My Phone:


Here you can see the latest pictures on SkyDrive, your recent Office documents, your Xbox Live Account and your Phone Location (if enabled).

Now, if you choose account, you will see your purchase/download history:


With a click of reinstall, you will get to a information screen. As my Account is located in Germany, sorry for the german Screenshot. Here you click once again on reinstall (= Neu installieren).


On you first reinstall, you can choose whether you want install via SMS (which send´s a secret SMS to force reinstall) or via e-mail.

If the transfer to you your phone was successful, you will be prompted with a success-screen:


Again, sorry for the German Screenshots. As we are not able to change region on our accounts, the web marketplace forced me to change the region to my own (in this case German).

I really love the Web Marketplace. As I care to do a hardreset after big updates like Mango, I reinstalled almost any of my bunch of apps and games. It is much more convenient than before on Zune, as you have to check your purchase history and them manually do a search for the app on your phone.

So feel free to leave a comment below to share your experience!

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HTC Titan and HTC Radar confirmed for o2 in Germany!

Telefónica Germany´s official Twitter Account confirmed a few minutes ago that on the end of September they will be selling the HTC Titan and the HTC Radar!


So it is nice to hear that also German carriers are going to further support Microsoft and Windows Phone.



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Facebook Events and WindowsPhone Mango

      facebook_logo               276855_8195378771_6264544_n

I knew that Facebook events are also integrated in the WindowsPhone Mango Calendar.

As I created an event yesterday, after a few minutes this event shows up on my HD7.

Here are some shots:


As you can see, there are all details of the event shown.


If someone posts a comment on the event´s wall, this is also synced with your Windows Phone.


If you invited guests, you can follow the response status.

So this integration is another reason to love WindowsPhone Mango!



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