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Game Review: EA Real Racing 2 for Windows Phone

It has been a very long time now that I did my last game review, but Real Racing 2 somehow made me changing this.



Although the game is a Lumia Exclusive and has a relatively high price ($4.99/€4,99), I love racing games. After playing around with the trial version, it was clear that I’ll buy it. It needs 243 MB of your phone storage to work.

So let’s get into the game:

First, you need to choose a car to get into the racing cups and leagues. Therefore you get 25.000 bucks to buy a new car. I started with the Volkswagen Golf GTI, but you are also able to choose a 2010 Volvo C30.


After buying your first car, you will have no money left for the moment, so you need to start your first race. There are 5 different ways to control the game, I prefer the “Auto acceleration-Tilt to steer”-touch to brake combo.

I switched off the steering and the brake assistant because I want to control the car by myself (or even not, you will see).


In most races you’ll start from the very last position and need to drive through to position 1. This is a bit tricky for the first races, because the CPU drivers are closing gaps very hard partly, but you will find a way to pass them after you have made some experiences with it. Sometimes it also helps to be as rough as the CPU drivers.

You have 5 different camera angles which you can use during a race:

  • in car
  • behind the car – near
  • behind the car – far
  • front on top of the engine hood
  • front bumper

I often us the front bumper angle, but with Real Racing 2 it is a lot of more fun to use the in car angle. The movements of the driver are realistic, which makes the whole game play more realistic.

Of course, like every good racing game, Real Racing 2 let’s you pimp your car a little bit. There are upgrade packages which you can buy like Racing brake pads or a chip tuning for your engine.


Besides the career mode, you can also play Quick Race, Time Trial or Multi Player. There is also a Leaderboard, where you can check how good you are compared to your friends.

Cars from the following  constructors are available:

  • BMW
  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Jaguar
  • Lotus
  • McLaren
  • Nissan
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo

Every constructor has street models as well as special racing models to choose from. Over all, I already love this game, and hardly can put it down.

Here is a short demonstration of the game in action. Thanks to my son Daniele, who was the “camera man” for this video:

If you use my blog reader app, click here to open the browser.

You can download the game here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Game Review: Galaxium

WP_000148As promised yesterday on my Facebook Page, here is my review of Galaxium. Galaxium is from the same developer as MonsterUp. There are two versions of Galaxium, free (advertises are displayed on top of the game – all the time) and paid. I tried it with the free version, and as I was really happy with the game, I bought the game for 0,99 EUR.

WP_000149First I want to say that the games load really fast. There are a few settings you can adjust.

The upper buttons are for game music and sound effects. They can be turned on or off.

In the middle you can turn of the vibration when you have been hit by the enemy ships. Also there is a button to turn of the gameplay hints.

In the third line you can choose between high or low graphic effects. And here you can choose whether your highscore will be submitted to the online leaderboard or not.

Before you start the game you can choose between three ships with different specifications:

WP_000153   WP_000151    WP_000152

I use always the “Mega”-Ship as this one has both shield and speed. During the game you can upgrade you ship with the following items: (hold down two fingers to activate upgrades)WP_000155




  1. Speed up your ship
  2. Upgrade your forward weapon
  3. Upgrade diagonal weapon
  4. Upgrade side-shot weapon
  5. Add a rocket
  6. Add a shield
  7. Repair your Ship
  8. Increase shooting speed


Kariosgames has improved their game. With the second update in pause menu you can see how your ship is equipped.


The Gameplay overall is also improved. You can now use your tilt sensor to control the ship and the speed update is now markable.

Take a look at Wave 35´s Boss fight:



And now check out my hands-on video of Galaxium:


Woohoo, from the 5th place to the 2nd, put back to the 8th. But now I have managed to climb on top of the leaderboard! I am No 1!!!!  (no, it´s not msicc, I used my Xbox-live Gamertag)


So everybody is invited to join the battle to be number one!

Head over to the marketplace and get the paid version here, and the free version here.



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Game Review: Sonic The Hedgehog 4–Episode I

Hi everybody,

here is my review of the new must-have-game Sonic The Hedgehog 4 – Episode I.

First here is the official description:


Featuring enhanced gameplay elements, including the classic Sonic Spin Dash and the versatile Homing Attack, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 picks up right where Sonic and Knuckles left off. Dr. Eggman’s back, and in an effort to finally rid himself of Sonic, he revisits — and improves — the very best of his creations. Get ready for the next chapter in an all-new epic 2-D saga built for old and new fans alike.Jump1

So above you see the Start screen of the game. The game loads pretty fast and once your in the game, you will be able to spin around with Sonic.

The controls are on the bottom of the screen, where you can choose the direction as well as some other actions like jumping around.

looping As you can see on the picture on the left hand side, the game is – of course – fast as hell and will blow your mind off.

You will have to practice a bit with the controls, but once you are getting used to it, you can enjoy this fantastic game.

The graphics of the game are good, although on the Xbox-Arcade-Version of this game there are HD graphics. The levels are the same.

The Price of this game is 6,49 € – that´s ok for the 17 Levels you will get – and the Xbox Live Achievement-System which is built in.  On other platforms like iOS the Game is also high-priced.

For ending up my review here is my Hands-On-Video of the first Level on Sonic´s new Adventure:

So head over to the marketplace and grab your copy of the game!



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Game Review: ORB

http___catalog.zune.net_v3.2_de-DE_image_5b0486a5-1aac-407a-8bcc-395d36c7d9cf_width=480&height=480&resize=true&contenttype=image_jpeg$8907ce17Hi everybody,

I found a nice little game on marketplace today.

It is called “ORB” a roll-a-ball game with real smooth graphics. In this Game you have to control a ball over a ground of tiles. The tiles disappear after passing over them.

You control the game with the tilt sensor. Tilt forward to accelerate, backwards to decelerate. Steering left or right will move the ball in each direction.http___catalog.zune.net_v3.2_de-DE_image_26ba8edf-aacc-4cff-a1f0-81d2483d2b18_width=480&height=480&resize=true&contenttype=image_jpeg$e5ea4009

But it is not as that easy as it sounds. The game scrolls automatic forward, if you decelerate too much you will lose.

There are also several fields which are making your live difficult. You have to fight with fields that  are kicking you to the side, with mine fields and with holes in the ground.

There also some fields that might help you such as fans, which make your ball jumping very high or a turbo boost field.

I want you to show that the game itself is not that easy (especially if you make with a second phone a video Zwinkerndes Smiley). So watch the video right now:

Download the Game right now here (opens Zune).

Note: Today, 6/13/2011, this fantastic game is free!



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