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[Update] App Review: WP7Applist

live tileToday I want to review the fantastic app of WP7Applist.

WP7Applist provides news related to new apps, app updates and price drops.

The App uses the metro-style very well and supports a live-tile.

As on other smartphone platforms for much features like the updates or discoveryprice drops are covered in a app for each feature, WP7Applist contains all this features in one app.

So after starting the app, on the discovery page you can select the following options:

  • all changes displays any change on the marketplace
  • just released displays fresh apps on the marketplace
  • app updates shows you which apps have been updated – often before your marketplace live-tile tells you. I love this feature very much as the updates are pushed in waves to the phones. So I can update my apps without waiting to the notification.
  • deals & price drops tells you on which app you can save your money
  • apps gone free finally tells you about apps that don´t cost anymore


Once you selected a app to display, you will get some information about the app related to the screenshotsmarketplace info.

You see of course the logo of the app, the price related in US$ as well as the rating within the marketplace and also the developers description.

With a click on the button “Get It” you will be transferred to the marketplace where you can download or buy the app.

With a switch to the right you can see the marketplace screenshots in a scrollable

Another cool feature is the search. This search is much faster than the marketplace search and displays even better results.


I made a small video to demonstrate the app with its really fantastic user experience:

If you want to use WP7Applist on your PC, just head over to their great Website.

Currently the app is only English, they are translating the app into German, French and Spanish.


Yesterday we received a nice little update to this fantastic app. The app is now full located in the Italian language.

Another big improvement is the sorting-function. You can now choose between all apps, gratis apps and paid apps:


Finally you can choose also between different locations of the marketplace:


As I mentioned above, they are working to translate and locate the apps also to the German, French and Spanish marketplaces. Stay tuned for the forthcoming updates!



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App-Review: Listonic

Today I found a fantastic App, which is called Listonic.

Everyone knows the following situation: you are on your way back home after finished your work. You know you have to buy some things. Your partner/wife/husband is calling you and tells you that you have to buy even other things. You try to remember those things – often forget those.

But now there is a solution, with this fantastic app.

You might think, o no, another Shoplist app – but stop! This one uses a MS Azure-hostet service to share your lists! So if you got 2 or more windows phones in your familiy, this App is made for you!

So here are some Shots of the App (sorry for the bad quality but currently i have no camera so I have to take my phones camera).

WP_000011 (6)

On the left side you see the start screen. The app takes only a few seconds to start. Immediately the app logs in with your account.

If you haven´t registered for Listonic, you will be able to do this within the app. Really confortable.WP_000012 (6)

So the next screen is the final screen called desktop.

From here you will be ablet to do some settings, refresh you list and also create new lists.

See more over the next imagines.

WP_000013 (5)

Here we got the list-view.

Once you have created a new list in the screen before, you will find it here.

On this site you can edit the proberties.WP_000016 (4)

With a tip of the name the selected list will open. Now you can post some items on your list.

There´s also a option-menu where the awesome feature of sharing the list will be found.

WP_000015 (4)

You can also here access to the edit-menu as well marking or duplicating the list.

Please note that if you want to share a list with somebody, e. g. you wife or your husband, that you have to create for each device (person) an account.

I love this app just right from the start.

The rest of awesomeness would be a live tile which informs you about the numbers of new items or that a new shared list was created.

Now that you have read my article, grab the app for free here.

Greets, MSicc

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