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Thanks for 50,000 downloads in the Windows Phone Store


It was a journey with a lot ups and downs, but I hit the next Milestone as a Windows Phone Developer: 50,000 downloads across all my apps!

You might wonder why I am so happy about that. That’s very easy. I cover very special topics with my apps. For example, I made an app that helps parents to learn the tying of shoe laces with their kids. A very special app, but one that has also some serious background: there are more kids in the age of 2-6 years that are able to use a smartphone than kids that know how to tie their shoes. That was the reason for the app.

Another example is my very first app I ever wrote. After acquiring my fishing license back in 2011, I needed a Fishing Knots app (they are hard to remember as newbie). There was none. As I didn’t even thought about switching to one of the other OS that has such an app, I decided to write it by myself. With literally zero knowledge of programming. That was the beginning of my developer story.

Let’s have a look at my most special app: TweeCoMinder. TweeCoMinder stands for “Tweet Count Reminder” and does the same. If you are watching for special tweet counts like “round” numbers of 25,000 or similar, this app is for you if you don’t want to miss those counts. The app is backed by a Windows Azure Mobile Service that checks  if your count has changed. The app has also some other cool features, but you should have a look yourself:

To celebrate my personal milestone,  I am making TweeCoMinder free during the Weekend!

Don’t wait, head over to the Windows Phone Store an download the app for free!

If you still see the app as paid, it may take some time until the price change is visible for all.

Thanks for 50,000 downloads, and also thanks to my family and all others that supported me over the years.

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Announcement: beta test for NFC Toolkit


NFC Toolkit, my latest app project, is ready for a first beta look.

If you want to take part in this beta, please consider following points before applying:

  • You need a WP8 device with NFC
  • You will need NFC tags for now, as communication between devices is still in development
  • You are willing to give serious feedback to improve the app

This will be a long time beta, means that even if the app goes live for all customers, I will continue developing with this beta before launching new versions. If you join the beta, you can use and test all new features before all others.

NFC Toolkit aims at normal users, that don’t need all to technical information but want to use NFC.

The beta has following features at the moment:

  • basic tag reading
  • tag writing of most commonly used tag scenarios
  • profiles! This is one of the main features of NFC Toolkit. It is all about settings based on a NFC tag.
  • more unique features to come!

Send your MS Account via mail, if you want to participate in beta testing this all new Windows Phone 8 app.


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(Update) MSicc’s Blog now for Windows Phone and for Windows 8 available!


Some of you know that the dedicated Windows Phone app for is ready for nearly a month now. Sadly Microsoft does not allow fan sites to use any kind of their logo(s). So the app got rejected a few times just because of the logo.

Luckily Dominik, the guy behind my logo, patiently created new logos until the actual one. This time all went smooth, and the app finally got approved.

Now to the most important thing: What do you get with MSicc’s Blog for Windows Phone?

  • fast and slick blog Reader for
  • unique Metro styled app
  • read the most recent posts and browse categories or search
  • read and post comments
  • share our posts with you friends
  • image gallery for posts

What will come with an update:

  • themes (input is welcome)
  • save images from gallery to your phone
  • live tile and toast notification

Here are some screenshots for you:


You can download the app by clicking or scanning the QR code below:


(Update) MSicc’s Blog for Windows 8 v1 now available!

Today I got notified by Microsoft that MSicc’s Blog for Windows 8 is certified! It provides similar functionality like the Windows Phone app, and will also be under constant development.

You can download the Windows 8 app here:






Have fun, MSicc.

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Fishing Knots + update to version 1.6 and some other changes

Fishing Knots + update to version 1.6 and some other changes

Today I submitted version 1.6 of Fishing Knots to the Marketplace.

It contains only a few new features:

– overhauled user interface

– integrated Italian and German language

– minor bug fixes

Here is a short video that demonstrates the new version:

Breaking changes are coming to “Angelknoten +” and “Nodi della pesca +”.

As I integrated the German and Italian language in Fishing Knots to make it easier for me to maintain the app (one is easier than three), both before mentioned apps will be discontinued.

Once you installed the update to 1.5.9, you will be prompted to install “Fishing Knots +”. The app will be free for one week to give everybody the possibility to install it for free.

Why am I doing this?

That´s relatively easy to explain: This was my first app ever and I wasn’t aware of the localization possibilities in the beginning of development. So I did three apps. Now that I know how I can integrate additional languages to an app, this has to be changed.

I am sorry for any inconvenience and hope you will understand this move.

“Fishing Knots +” will be the version I will update constantly.

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I learn to tie my shoes – now available on Windows Phone (deal inside)

In January 2011 Internet Security specialist AVG released a study. This study tells us that nowadays children get in touch with technical gadgets much earlier than in the past, while they are not able to manage everyday things like tying their shoes.

The study substantiates this also with figures: around 19% of the 2-5 year old children are able to use smartphone apps, while only 9% know  how to tie their shoes.

As father of two kids, I decided to use the abilities of the little ones, and do something against that alarmingly low now number of kids, who know how to tie shoes.

I hope this app helps you and your children to learn tying of shoes very quick, easy and with fun.

The app provides following features:

  • two methods of tying shoes
  • controllable animation that shows tying
  • step by step guide
  • rhymes
  • theme selection (currently standard, boys, girls)
  • German and English language

The app will be available at the price of 99 cent. Like all my other apps, it has of course a trial version.

Trial version provides:

  • the first five steps both in animation and the guide
  • one of four rhymes
  • standard theme

What is coming next?

  • more languages (coming with the next update: Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian)
  • more themes
  • themed tiles to pin to start screen

To celebrate the launch of this app, I will start a “Marketplace Roulette”.

Currently, the app is available for free only  via this marketplace link.  I will change the pricing at a suitable moment within the next few days  to the above mentioned 99 cents and make it publically available. Until this moment, you can download it for free only via this link.

Finally, here are some screenshots from the app:


If you want to learn more about the app, here is a review on (written by Saijo George).

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Poll: has this WindowsPhone app too much tiles?

Today I want to ask for feedback for the current state of my app.

I am really a Metro-addicted, and I love to use tiles in my app whenever it is possible.

But for this I want to ask you: has it to much tiles?

Check the video here:

Please choose you answer bellow:


Please leave also a comment where you would change, it that is your vote.

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Fishing Knots 1.4 is available & on Christmas Sale!

Fishing Knots 1.4 is available & on Christmas Sale!

My Fishing Knots app has been updated to version 1.4

What´s new?

I added completely reworked graphics to the app. The images are now also following your background color (black or white).

Of course you have still the former features like:

  • controllable animations
  • read aloud the instructions for a knot
  • 3-step instructions with image and text

Of course the German an the Italian version have this update, too.

Check here some screenshots:


X-Mas sale:

From now until December, 31st you can buy my app for a reduced price!

Check out the marketplace:

English:       Download-EN-Med



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Fishing Knots updated to 1.2 and free version added

Fishing Knots updated to 1.2 and free version added

Today I received the notification, that my update to version 1.2 for Fishing Knots and also my free version were certified to the marketplace.

Here is what has changed:

I reworked the layout to fit more to the Windows Phone OS. I removed the background Image, instead it will continue to use your Phone Background (light or dark). The main menu contains now animated Tiles. The color will be your phone´s accent color. This looks like this:

screen2Screen Capture (13)

Now, if you click on a guide for a knot, you will first see the animation. Finally, I made the animation controllable. You can skip forward and backward, pause and resume the animation of the knots. This looks like this:



Have you noticed that “read instructions aloud”-button on top of that page? You´re right, the app now can read the instructions for each knot aloud. Only thing I have to mention is, that this will only work if you have an active internet connection. At the moment we developers cannot use Windows Phone´s Text to speech service, so I generated a workaround. That is the reason why the internet connection is needed to work for this function.

The formerly known step by step-guide is also still there. You can switch to them by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. They are looking still familiar to before:


As the title of this post mentions, I also created a free version of my fishing knots app. This free version has the same layout, but less functions. The free app has the step by step-guide, but without the read aloud-feature and also without the animation. If you´re ok with that, you can download this version from the marketplace.

In my next version I will include improved images for the animation to also fit the design of the operating system (for both the free and paid version). Of course the same update will be applied to the German and the Italian version of my app.

English:         Download-EN-Med



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[Update] Fishing Knots is available in the WP7 marketplace

[Update] Fishing Knots is available in the WP7 marketplace

Hi everybody,

if you enjoy fishing like I do, you might miss some apps on your Windows Phone. On other platforms, there are plenty of apps to help you while you are fishing.

I decided to close this gap and created my first app, which will help you to tie fishing knots.

The app contains instructions for 12 frequently used fishing knots.

The instructions are broken down to steps, and each guide ends up with an animation showing you how to tie the choosen knot.

In test version you can see the first four knots. The full version will show you all twelve knots.

Please don´t use the marketplace for reporting bugs. Within the app you have the possibility to contact me via e-mail or twitter.

At least here are some screen shots from the English version:


Feel free to download my app and leave a comment below. I will develop also other apps that might help you while staying on the water.

Update: Now there is not only the German and English version of my app, but also the Italian version. Check out the Links below to download my app in your language.

Now I am working on my next project, which will be a feature rich app. Stay tuned for further information.

English:      Download-EN-Med



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