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How to capture a photo in your Windows Phone 8.1 Runtime app – Part III: capturing and saving the photo

This is the third and last post of this series. In the first two posts I showed you how to start the preview of MediaCapture and some modifications we can apply to it. In this post, we are finally capturing and saving the photo – including the modifications we made before. The easiest way – […]

How to capture a photo in your Windows Phone 8.1 Runtime app-Part II: some common modifications

Like promised in my first post about photo capturing, I will provide some common modification scenarios when using the MediaCapture API. This is what this post is about. Choosing a camera If you read my first post, you probably remember that the MediaCapture API automatically selected the front camera of my Lumia 1020. Like often, […]

How to send a mail from your Windows Phone 8.1 app

The old way Sometimes, we need to pass some values to a newly generated E-Mail. In Windows Phone, we always had the EmailComposeTask for that: EmailComposeTask mailTask = new EmailComposeTask(); mailTask .To = “”; mailTask .Subject = “this is the Subject”; mailTask.Body = “this is the Body”; mailTask.Show(); This way was pretty straight forward. It […]

How to detect all urls in a string to match Twitter’s requirements (Windows 8(.1) and Windows Phone 8(.1))

As you might guess, I am still working on that app I mentioned in my last blog post. As I was diving deeper into the functions I want, I recognized that Twitter does a very well url handling server side. Like the official documentation says, every url will be shortened with a link that has […]