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Tap+Send: The Love Story of 2 NFC Devices

Innovation in technology is hit and miss for a number of reasons. To prognosticate what advances in technology will be accepted by the general public is by no means, an exact science. There’s a constant barrage of new expensive toys with exclusive features that are “sure” to turn the world upside down, only to hit the market […]

Editorial: Windows Phone 7 is not dead!

  We all know that Windows Phone 8 was launched a few weeks ago. And with that launch, there came up far to much voices that want to tell us that Windows Phone 7 is dead. It is not, and I am going to tell you why. Microsoft is still providing support for Windows Phone […]

The WinPhan is joining!

Well, I’m back. Some of you know me from Twitter, Facebook, and various WP news blog sites as WinPhan7. For those that don’t know me, nice to meet you. I’ve evolved slightly, I now go by a more encompassing title: The WinPhan, but you can also call me Sean. I’m not a developer, although I am interested in […]

Windows Phone Marketplace expands to 13 new countries


The Windows Phone Marketplace is now available to 13 additional countries. With this new countries, the Marketplace is available now in 54 countries. The new places are: Bulgaria Costa Rica Croatia Estonia Iceland Latvia Lithuania Romania Slovakia Slovenia Turkey Ukraine Venezuela But this is still not all. Microsoft is set to bring the Windows Phone […]

Path is coming to Windows Phone, CEO got compliments for the OS


Yesterday WMPoweruser discovered another company is choosing Windows Phone for their app besides iOS and Android. The mobile social network Path is coming to Windows Phone, and Path´s CEO Dave Morin also got some compliments for our preferred mobile OS. What makes this something special is the fact that he formerly was an Apple employee, […]

Nokia is number one Windows Phone manufacturer

Nokia has recently climbed up to the number 1 Windows Phone OEM. Nokia´s vice-president of Nokia Middle East, offered this hot news to Gulf News: “Our strategy is working. When we formed an alliance last year with Microsoft our intention was to regain lost share. After one year, it is still working. We are the […]