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AppAdditives PromotionalCodes, Telerik trial reminder and how to let users unlock the full app on Windows Phone

I love it when I am discovering new awesome stuff to provide a unique User Experience in my apps. AppAdditives by ExGrip LLC are the newest tools I felt in love with. AppAdditives allow you to create promo images, social cards and widgets for your blog very easy. On top of that, they provide you […]

How to build a custom Application Bar for your Windows Phone app (the easy way)

In one of my recent projects, I was forced to use icons for the ApplicationBarButtons that didn’t fit into the circled template of the standard Windows Phone application bar. The icons have special circles themselves, and I am not allowed to change anything on that icons (you’re right, it is for the corporate app I […]

[Updated] NFC Toolkit uri schemes

If you are following me, you might have noticed that uri schemes actually are playing a big role in my Windows Phone apps. (read more) NFC Toolkit, one of my main projects, offers now also the possibility to interact with your apps. One of the unique features of NFC Toolkit is profiles. Profiles are designed […]