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The WinPhan is joining!

Well, I’m back. Some of you know me from Twitter, Facebook, and various WP news blog sites as WinPhan7. For those that don’t know me, nice to meet you. I’ve evolved slightly, I now go by a more encompassing title: The WinPhan, but you can also call me Sean. I’m not a developer, although I am interested in […]

Windows Phone 8 – the next generation

Today I will write about my impressions on Windows Phone 8, the next generation of Windows Phone. First thing I can tell you: I am really impressed what Microsoft has done here. This Post will be about my favorite features on Windows Phone 8, if anyone prefers other features, feel free to leave a comment […]

Fishing Knots + update to version 1.6 and some other changes

Today I submitted version 1.6 of Fishing Knots to the Marketplace. It contains only a few new features: – overhauled user interface – integrated Italian and German language – minor bug fixes Here is a short video that demonstrates the new version: Breaking changes are coming to “Angelknoten +” and “Nodi della pesca +”. As […]

Microsoft improves SkyDrive

Microsoft is giving Windows Live/Microsoft account users free cloud storage. Today Microsoft released the SkyDrive for Windows app alongside some changes of SkyDrive. First: Finally there is an official SkyDrive app for Windows desktop. You can download it here. The app lets you manage your SkyDrive from your PC. After installing the app, the whole content […]

Microsoft releases a small update to SkyDrive

The SkyDrive Team at Microsoft announced a small update. They announced it not like usual as a blog post, but as a SkyDrive document this time. Microsoft´s online storage now supports the Open Document Format (ODF). This format is an XML-based file format for spreadsheets, chart, presentations and word processing documents (from Wikipedia). Until yesterday, […]

Microsoft likely to keep us in the dark about Windows Phone Apollo until summer

Also if MS-nerd told us he will no longer leak actively new information about Windows Phone, he is telling us some bits from time to time. He is constantly updating his reddit. This time the information is about Windows Phone Apollo, which is expected to be also called Windows Phone 8. Read my full article […]