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Microsoft improves SkyDrive

Microsoft is giving Windows Live/Microsoft account users free cloud storage. Today Microsoft released the SkyDrive for Windows app alongside some changes of SkyDrive. First: Finally there is an official SkyDrive app for Windows desktop. You can download it here. The app lets you manage your SkyDrive from your PC. After installing the app, the whole content […]

Microsoft releases a small update to SkyDrive

The SkyDrive Team at Microsoft announced a small update. They announced it not like usual as a blog post, but as a SkyDrive document this time. Microsoft´s online storage now supports the Open Document Format (ODF). This format is an XML-based file format for spreadsheets, chart, presentations and word processing documents (from Wikipedia). Until yesterday, […]

SkyDrive for Windows 8 demoed by Microsoft

  Today Microsoft posted another bit of the upcoming Windows 8 features. Today we are talking about the SkyDrive app for Windows 8. Delivering personal cloud storage for billions of people is Microsoft´s goal. Microsoft stores at this time already 10 petabytes of user data, used by 17 million of SkyDrive customers. With the availability […]