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Nokia promoting his Lumia 925 at German carrier o2

As some of you know, I am working for the German phone carrier o2. Today a Nokia promotion team visited us to show us more of the Lumia awesomeness and gifted us some ice cream. The promotion is called “Nacht.Sicht.Gerät”, which means “Night. Sight. Device”. Within the truck Nokia showed off the FatBoy chargers and the […]

The WinPhan is joining!

Well, I’m back. Some of you know me from Twitter, Facebook, and various WP news blog sites as WinPhan7. For those that don’t know me, nice to meet you. I’ve evolved slightly, I now go by a more encompassing title: The WinPhan, but you can also call me Sean. I’m not a developer, although I am interested in […]

Windows Phone panorama comparison: Nokia vs. HTC

Both Nokia and HTC are providing a Panorama picture function with their Windows Phone devices. Nokia released its “creativity suite”, while HTC integrated this feature in the camera app. Both devices help you to create your panorama picture. HTC takes three photos, while Nokia takes four photos to create your panorama. I tested the function […]

Nokia tablet with WoA in the make?

I was struggling with myself  about this post a bit, but this rumors are to good to not write about it. This morning MS_nerd postet a few words about a Tablet with WoA on it: Do mine eyes deceive me or is that a Mary Jo Foley I see near the speakers? Quick, Microsoft give […]

Nokia Lumia 900 review leaks and gets removed

Nokia Lumia 900 review leaks and gets removed

Today a review about the long awaited Nokia Lumia 900 was posted at, only to get removed immediately. While we don’t know the reason why the article was removed, we were able to restore a cached copy. The article starts with a short comparison between the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 900. For the […]

Nokia´s US Windows Phone marketing campaign revealed

Nokia knows how to gain attention with their marketing campaigns. Today (European Time) Nokia launched a new site. This site tells us that smartphones before were only betatests. To underline this, three small videos with everyday situations are shown, where a popular phone in the past had problems. The restrictions that are shown in the […]