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Microsoft wants your Feedback on WindowsPhone – Developer and User!

With the release of Windows Phone Mango Microsoft issued also two new Feedback programs. First I want to have al look on the developer-part: Microsoft created a for developers, which can be found here. Recently they extended the page with an dedicated app for Windows Phone. Here are some shots:         […]

Microsoft starts Bing Streetside in Germany

Microsoft recently announced the availability of Bing Streetside in Germany. From start there are only a few cities which can be explored with Bing Streetside . They are Augsburg, Berlin, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Ingolstadt, Mainz, Munich, Nuremberg, Offenbach am Main, Regensburg, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and Würzburg. Here is a short guide to help you use […]

(Update) GEMA and BITKOM reached an agreement for online music services

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about how the GEMA cuts the user experience in Germany. Today, the GEMA and BITKOM announced that they finally reached an agreement for internet music services. The Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media e.V. (BITKOM) is the Trade Association of the German information and telecommunications […]

(Update) How the GEMA cuts the user experience in Germany

I struggled with myself to write about this for a while. But now I can´t hold back any longer. The society for musical performance and mechanical reproduction rights (GEMA) is a collecting society which represents the rights of the copyright of those composers, musical, and publishers of musical works in Germany. It is similar to […]