Full NoDo Update Change Log

In some Countries and with some Devices the NoDo-Update has been released. I still got no Update Message on my HTC HD7 with Carrier-Free-EU-Software. Untill i wait here´s a full changelog:   “OS version: 7.0.7390.0 • Copy & paste. You asked for it—now it’s here. Just tap a word and drag the arrows to copy […]

Change Country for Live-ID

Today i tried to change the country for my Live-ID. I have not figured out how it works. On all Live-Services the country has been changed. On my PC i changed the language&region-settings. Untill here works all fine. I opened Zune and tried to access with my Live-ID. The Zune-Software told me every time that […]

Xbox Live Problems

As I told a few days ago, I have a problem with my gamertag & Live-ID. Yesterday I had another call with the XBL-Service. We tried to transfer my gamertag to another Live-ID and then re-transfer it to my former Live-ID on Wednesday. But you can change your ID on your gamertag only all 30 […]

Xbox live Problems

Two days ago I called the xbl-service because I have a problem with two xbl-games on my windows phone . The games brainchallenge and bubble town 2 don’t recognize the objects/successes which will be rewarded with Gamepoints. They told me that for my live ID where registered 4 gamer tags? WTF???? I registered only one […]

Onlineradio endlich auch auf Windows Phone 7

yeehaa! Dank Resco Radio kann ich nun endlich auch auf WP7 meine Lieblingsradiosender überall hören. Im Marketplace für Windows Phone 7 für nur 1,99€ zu finden. Absolut zu empfehlen, bereits jetzt sehr gute Auswahl an Sendern und man kann manuell Streaming-Urls hinzufügen. Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone