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Nokia promoting his Lumia 925 at German carrier o2

As some of you know, I am working for the German phone carrier o2. Today a Nokia promotion team visited us to show us more of the Lumia awesomeness and gifted us some ice cream. The promotion is called “Nacht.Sicht.Gerät”, which means “Night. Sight. Device”. Within the truck Nokia showed off the FatBoy chargers and the […]

Announcement: beta test for NFC Toolkit

  NFC Toolkit, my latest app project, is ready for a first beta look. If you want to take part in this beta, please consider following points before applying: You need a WP8 device with NFC You will need NFC tags for now, as communication between devices is still in development You are willing to […]

Dev Story Series (Part 4 of many): How to open links from a WebBrowser/WebView in Internet Explorer

Today I will share my solution of how to open links from a WebBrowser or WebView on Windows Phone and Windows 8 (as I did in my app for Generally links are opened within the same WebBrowser or WebView element. On Windows Phone you can solve this problem pretty easy with only one simple […]

Tap+Send: The Love Story of 2 NFC Devices

Innovation in technology is hit and miss for a number of reasons. To prognosticate what advances in technology will be accepted by the general public is by no means, an exact science. There’s a constant barrage of new expensive toys with exclusive features that are “sure” to turn the world upside down, only to hit the market […]