How to capture a photo in your Windows Phone 8.1 Runtime app – Part III: capturing and saving the photo

This is the third and last post of this series. In the first two posts I showed you how to start the preview of MediaCapture and some modifications we can apply to it. In this post, we are finally capturing and saving the photo – including the modifications we made before. The easiest way – […]

How to capture a photo in your Windows Phone 8.1 Runtime app-Part II: some common modifications

Like promised in my first post about photo capturing, I will provide some common modification scenarios when using the MediaCapture API. This is what this post is about. Choosing a camera If you read my first post, you probably remember that the MediaCapture API automatically selected the front camera of my Lumia 1020. Like often, […]

How to create a folder in Windows Phone 8.1 Pictures Library (and save/read files into/from it)

Some of you might have noticed that UniShare has its own folder in your devices picture library. Also some other apps like WhatsApp or Tweetium have it. The advantages of your app’s own folder are clear: easier to get images into your app user can always reflect which pictures come from your app another presence […]

Prevent accidentally exit of your Windows Phone SL app (with Telerik RadMessageBox or Toolkit CustomMessageBox)

After finally being able to use my dev center account again after three long weeks, I am back into UniShare development. One of the most requested fixes was to not exit the app when users are not at the compose pivot. Of course I am listening and I found a solution that should fit nearly […]